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1500 Wolves, Coming back from 3rd!
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Default 1500 Wolves, Coming back from 3rd!

Howdy all

So as a little story, I began playing Space Wolves back in 3rd edition and amassed what was probably a 1500 list back then. I can't remember what happened to my collection but after a while I'd just sort of forgotten and mainly played Tau until I picked up my Orks and later on my Eldar. Well just recently I'd discovered my old Wolves (just in time for the new release) and though I've played a few games, I'd like to have some more experienced players look at the list and tell me what they think about it. Please keep in mind I like to try my best to just use models that I own.

Wolf Lord 205
Wolf Tooth Necklace, Frost Blade, Saga of the Warrior-

Rune Priest-120
Terminator Armour

5 Wolf Guard-215
Terminator Armour, Frost Blades

Multi-Melta, Wolf Tooth Necklace

Venerable Dreadnaught-165
Assault Cannon

2X 10 Grey Hunters-185 (370)
Flamer, Melta, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Wolf Standard

15 Blood Claws-165
Power Weapon

Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsoons


6 Long Fangs-130
2X missile launchers, 2X heavy bolters, 1X plasma cannon
Total: 1500

My collection consists of an extra 5 Terminators, 6 Wolf Scouts, an Iron Priest, another squad of Long Fangs, a Razorback and I think around 6 other Grey Hunter/Blood Claw models (gotta' love being able to switch them around for the most part). My usual opponents are Necrons and Dark Eldar, but occasionally I'll see Guard. So what do you all think? So far I've won all my games with this list and lists like it, but some other opinions on it would be appreciated.
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