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How I'd field Space Wolves (1500)
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Default How I'd field Space Wolves (1500)

Because I like jumping on bandwagons (I want to be one of the cool kids, too!). Theoryhammer, AWAY! ;D

HQ - 270
Njal Stormcaller w/TDA - 270

Elites - 355
Wolf Guard - 185
- 2 w/PW
- 1 w/Wolf Claw
- 1 w/TDA
- 1 w/TDA & CML
Lone Wolf w/TDA, SS, CF - 85
Lone Wolf w/TDA, SS, CF - 85

Troops - 495
10 Grey Hunters, 2x melta, Mark of the Wulfen - 170
10 Grey Hunters, 2x melta, Mark of the Wulfen - 170
10 Grey Hunters, 2x melta - 155

Fast Attack - 380
2x Thunderwolf Cavalry w/2 SS, 1 TH - 190
2x Thunderwolf Cavalry w/2 SS, 1 TH - 190

== 1500 ==

Right-o, then!

First of all, thunderwolf cavalry are fricking godlike. I'm sorry, but anyone who can't see how fleeting terminator cavalry with that many attacks is a good thing needs to rethink how they look at 40k. With the age of fast armies, the ability to threaten a 24" charge every turn (ergo a first turn charge in every single deployment type) is an amazing thing. They run around smashing into scary things and vehicles (lol, S10 with rending, I can glance AV19) and generally not dying all that easily.

Lone Wolves are something that people don't seem to be taking that I think they should. Eternal warrior means he actually gets to use both of his wounds, and re-rolls against dreads (among other things)? I've always loved "please kill me" units (re: death company) and I think I'm falling in love with this little dude.

Njal's a beast. Fact. I spent some time deciding between fielding either him or two rune priests and eventually settled on Njal for the 3+ "no you don't" and that awesome stormcaller ability.

I don't like grey hunters. Nor do I like blood claws. However, troops are a necessity (if this was 4th, I'd take two min-sized units of grey hunters with the one free flamer and then say done with it) and, to be perfectly honest, grey hunters aren't half bad. The only real decision I had was between mark of the wulfen and power weapons. While power weapons may be more reliable in terms of no-armour-save attacks, I like the pure number of attacks the mark of the wulfen can give (plus rending gives some defence against dreads and T8, although I am intending to lose in assault against them so I can run away).

Also, some may notice I don't give them rhinos, despite loving mechanization. Why? Because I honestly can't think of a way of freeing up 105 points for rhinos and still fitting in everything else I want to in this list. I also feel as though space wolves can do without, given how foot-heavy the rest of their list is. If I was going to mech up, it would be blood claws in raiders, and I'm not going to do that. 30 marines aren't too easy to kill, either, especially at 1500 points. Plus there are much higher priority targets (the cavalry and lone wolves will mess stuff up if they make it... which they most likely will >). I'd run space wolves as a glass hammer and be damn happy about it! Vanilla marines will be my mech marines once I bother to build them up.

Now, for basic strategy.

The two wolf guard with power weapons join the grey hunters with MotW, the wolf guard with a wolf claw joins the third grey hunter squad. The two with termie armour hang out with Njal and provide him with more wound counters bodies. The CML synergizes well living lightning as well as Njal's vengeful tornado.

Thunderwolf cavalry run at vehicles/scary things. Lone Wolves run at dreads and anything with a high toughness and try to die. Grey hunters run up behind them as quick as possible and aim for infantry/whatever big things the first wave missed. Njal tags along behind using tempest's wrath and murderous hurricane to control the battlefield. Living Lightning can be combo'd with the CML to slag vehicles if necessary. Saga of Majesty means the wussy grey hunters don't turn tail and run.

Well, there ya go. That's how I'd do it, at least.
Originally Posted by Odo The Brave
Crazy Guy, you are very disturbing...

Do It! ;D
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Default Re: How I'd field Space Wolves (1500)

Let me know how you like your Grey Hunters after you have tried them a few times. They really don't disappoint. They are a great troop choice able to do CC or Rapid Fire Bolter Death to enemies. There are quite few times I would Rapid fire into another enemy Troop and let them charge me and I would still come out on top. 16 bolter shots and 4 plasmagun (Meltaguns works just as well) shots are hard to absorb.

Rhino are not that great, I agree with you that those points are better spent on bodies!

The Lone Wolves, I have not used them yet. I would recommend you change to scouts but I look at your list and they seem to fit well with you play style which is agressive.
WG with TDA and CML this guy is great!
You should do well with this list.
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