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Salamanders: 2000
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Default Salamanders: 2000

HQ: 190
Vulkan: He will ride with the Assault Terminators to add to their combat power and give them a shooting attack to weaken their targets. His Chapter Tactics just add to the fun.

Troops: 615
The tactics for the Tactical Squads are basically all the same: To Combat Squad them, leaving the "Heavy" teams all on one objective, using all 3 of them to hold it and be able to fire at different targets while forcing my opponent to specifically pick which team to shoot at. The Sergeants with the "Assault" Teams will also move as one. The three teams will move together towards objectives, using their combined fire power to clear them before leaving one of the teams to hold it before moving onto another objective with the remainder two/one team(s). The Power Weapon/Plasma Pistol will most likely be the last ones moving.
Tactical Squad (10)
-Missile Launcher
-Power Fist

Tactical Squad (10)
-Missile Launcher
-Plasma Pistol
-Power Weapon

Tactical Squad (10)
-Heavy Bolter
-Power Fist

Elite: 1070
Terminators (10): Will be split up into two squads using Combat Squads, with both Heavy Flamers in one. The Heavy Flamers, along with the SGT will Deep Strike in order to clear objectives sooner. The others will be used as a Fire Magnet and just walk across the field.
-Heavy Flamer(2)

Assault Terminators (5): Mostly for character hunting and tank popping. Once out of obvious targets, then off to harass objective holders.
-Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield (4)
-Pair of Lightning Claws
Land Raider Redeemer: Used for transport and for hoard control before and after dropping off the Terminators.
-Pintle Mounted Multi-Melta
-Extra Armour

Ironclad Dreadnought: Used primarily to hunt tanks at the back of the enemy lines. Once out of armoured targets it will be used to assault objectives to clear them.
-Hurricane Bolter
-Hunter Killer Missile
-Ironclad Assault Launcher
Drop Pod: The only one so that the Dreadnought can drop in first turn to do it's job quickly, though it may become the target of a lot of fire at that point.

Fast: 0

Heavy: 120
Predator: To be used mostly for tank-popping and character hunting.
-Twin-linked Lascannon
-Extra Armour
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