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Just for fun...Knights of Absolution 1500 Points Themed List
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Default Just for fun...Knights of Absolution 1500 Points Themed List

I cannot explain how, but recently the image I have had burnt into my mind is that of a Space Marine legion that lives by feudal law. On their homeworld, they act as defenders and lords, overseeing a populace that serves them as serfs and see them as demigods. So, I sought to write a mounted marine list, the equal of the great Rough Rider companies of the Imperial Guard.

So I've managed to come up with this 1500 pt list. Please let me know what you think (fluff text added because I love to be creative).


Brother-Captain Luther, Grand Hussar of the Knights of Absolution
Reigning lord and Chapter Master of the Knights of Absolution, Luther has directed his brethren in the service of the Holy Emperor for these last 500 years. Leading the Great Crusades against the neighbouring Eldar Craftworld of Saim-Hann, Luther enjoys nothing more than engaging the Wild Rider Host in a graceful joust...one that he has yet to lose. Riding upon his brilliant charger, Troja, he dispatches lesser foes with flashing sword and piercing lance.
- Luther (Korísarro Khan)
- Troja (Moondrakkan)
205 Points
The Chamberlains of Estragart
Personal champions of Luther, every marine to ever earn the title of Chamberlain has won the annual jousting tourney held by the Chapter. When not engaged in battle or overseeing the progress of the planet, the Chamberlains guard the Fortress-Monastery of Estragart. In battle, they protect the Grand Hussar, and ride out with him as he leads a devastating charge.
- Command Squad
- Chargers of the Chamberlains (bikes)
- Champion of the Court
- Bearer of the Lordís Standard
- Blade of the Ancients (Power Weapon)
- Gauntlet of the Lord (Powerfist)

Castellan Gawain, Preacher of the Holy Truth
Having served alongside Luther for much of his life, since the Chapterís very founding, Gawain has proven himself on countless battlefields. Whether by strict discipline or mighty blows, Gawain has the skill to drive off any foe. However, his true skill lies in stirring the ancient martial pride, hidden within the geneseed of every Knight of Absolution; with fiery oratory, he drives his charges on. His preachings have turned the tide of battle countless times, and have often acted as the chorus of war, accompanied by the beating of hooves and the screams of the freshly fallen foes.
- Chaplain
- Gringolet (Bike)
- The Keenest Edge (Digital Weapons)
145 points


The House of Chamberlain Herstaldt
Herstaldt, a former Chamberlain of Estragart, willingly resigned from his post as he grew old. No longer able to ride to the outer reaches of the planet to inspect the populace, he vowed instead to raise and train the newer knights in the service of Luther. While age has sapped his endurance, it has not slackened his strike; wielding his mace in a deadly arc, Herstaldt rides to the defence of those who worship the God-Emperor.
- Bike Squad (6 man)
- Torkas, Archer of the Blind Eye (Attack Bike, Multimelta)
- 2 meltaguns
- The Kataphract Mace (Power weapon)
250 points
The House of Champion Galahaus
Galahaus, a bear of a man, is one of the first initiates drawn from the populace of the Chapterís home world. Enhanced already by a life in high gravity, the enhancements granted in becoming a Space Marine have made him a deadly force. However, he is a peaceful giant, enjoying helping with the harvest and leisurely rides across the planetscape. However, when riled to war, Galahaus leads his host in a brutal charge, crushing all who threaten the peace of the galaxy.
- Bike Squad (6 man)
- Brakkus Quick-Shot (Attack Bike)
- The Bear-Fist of the Titans (Powerfist)
- 2 Flamers
240 points
The House of Anselm, Hunter of Grendelveld
Very rarely, a Knight of Absolution who fails to uphold his duty in battle shall survive and bring a shame onto his household. To live with such shame is but a hairís breadth from being compared to a heretic for a Knight of Absolution, and so they seek to regain their honour. Normally they shall petition Luthor to a duel, hoping to regain their honour or die in a glorious attempt. Anselm, however, has sworn instead to hunt the Daemon Grendelveld; a terror of the southern farms, Grendelveld has managed to avoid Anselm for a generation so far. While he still rides to war when beckoned to by Luthor, Anselm has vowed that either he will pierce the heart of Grendelveld, or pierce his own instead.
- Bike Squad (6 man)
- The Foresworn Blade (power weapon)
- The Daemonís Bane (Plasma Pistol)
- 2 Plasma Guns
- Lucan the Tracker (Attack Bike w/ Multimelta)
275 Points

Fast Attack

The Chariots of Fire
First used as a form of recreation, chariots were eventually discovered to be effective war weapons by the Knights of Absolution. Able to mount mobile heavy bolters, the Charioteers harass and herd the enemy into the waiting lances of the charging Space Marine forces.
- 3 Attack Bikes
120 Points

Hive Fleet Omukade: 8/0/0
Raven Guard: 8/2/0

Latest Result: Wipeout victory for the Tyranids!

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