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Dark Angels (mostly Deathwing) list for 2000pt tournament tomorrow.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Dark Angels (mostly Deathwing) list for 2000pt tournament tomorrow.

So, this was the list that I compiled from all of my wins and losses in the past few weeks. I was going for mobile gunline, as it has worked best for me in the past. I expect to be facing mostly SM and Chaos, though I know there is a holofalcon spammer and a nidzilla player as well. Any help or comments would be appreciated, though there is a time crunch. The tournament is tomorrow.

Master of the Deathwing (lightning claws)

Terminator Squad (Apothecary, assault cannon, 4x storm bolters)

Terminator Squad (assault cannon, 4x storm bolters)

Terminator Squad (assault cannon, 4x storm bolters)

Terminator Squad (missile launcher, 4x storm bolters)

Dreadnought (lascannon, missile launcher, vernerable)

Dreadnought (lascannon, missile launcher, vernerable)

Land Raider (standard variant)


Techmarine (servo-harness, 3x tech servitors; mounted in Landraider for quick disembark/repair)

This list brings me to ten points short. I might change the missile launcher terminator to an assualt cannon, just because I love assault cannons. My reasoning for the missile launcher though was that in an objective game there might be an objective in the back, more then 24 inches from enemies, and I would hate to have five terminators doing absolutely nothing for the last 2 turns.

Again, any help would be nice.

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Default Re: Dark Angels (mostly Deathwing) list for 2000pt tournament tomorrow.

Drop the whirlwind and the techmarine and bring along another raider (crusader if you have one, I find they synergize quite well with both the standard raider and DWT's; plus, you'll have enough points to exchange the CML for another assault cannon). At 2000 points, a single raider can be shaken and ignored. Two raiders... now that isn't as easy. The techmarine isn't really necessary, as a land raider (especially two) can take a stupid amount of firepower. Especially given the fact that we still have old smoke. The DA whirlwind is pretty crappy (what, we have to choose what type of missile we fire before the game starts?). A land raider crusader will kill more infantry, die less easily, and allow you to throw Belial in with one of your squads if you decide to rush a gunline.

For rear objectives, rush your land raiders forward like a bazooka. I've never lost a 2-objective mission since I started using two raiders.
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