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Power of the WOLVES!!!!
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Default Power of the WOLVES!!!!

Army list (first ideas)

Njal the stormcaller with runic terminator armour
270 pts

4 wolf guard terminators
1x duel frost claws
3x frost axes and storm bolters
177 pts

1 lone wolf with terminator armour and frost axe
Retinue 2 fenrisian wolves
75 pts

1 lone wolf with terminator armour and duel frost claws
Retinue 2 fenrisian wolves
85 pts

10 space wolf grey hunters
2x plasma gun

160 pts

10 space wolf grey hunters
2x plasma gun

160 pts

10 space wolf blood claws
1x power weapon
200 pts

10 space wolf blood claws
1x power weapon
200 pts

Fast Attack

5x sky claw assault marine’s
90 pts

Heavy Support

6 space wolf long fangs
2x heavy bolters
2x las cannons
1x missile launcher
160 pts

1x whirlwind tank
85 pts

1x whirlwind tank
85 pts

Total 1747 pts

Ok and take note that the 2 bloodclaw sqauds also have drop pods.

Now this is a list of a friend who doesn't have a TO account so I took the liberty to post up this list and see what you guys think he can do to improve the combat potential and effectiveness.

He's fairly new to the whole scheme of things in terms of building and effective army list but I think he's getting the gist of it

2 things i have pointed out so far is the lack of transports for his footsloggers and also the lack of anti- tank (2 lascannons comeon)

So yeah feel free to help me out here

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Default Re: Power of the WOLVES!!!!

Well first off, take meltaguns instead of plasmas! Theyre cheaper, wont get hot, and are better against tanks. ;D All for sacrificing one shot.

Two: Drop podding bloodclaws will be a nice distraction for the footsloggers, but you should be able to afford rhinos. I say drop one of the lone hunters and his wolves and get two rhinos for the hunters.

On a third note: Whirldwinds? Really? cmon *nudge, nudge* vindicator all the way! Escpecially if you want to get up close and personal. Also much better for anti-tank. Anti-anything really.
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Default Re: Power of the WOLVES!!!!

Does he own all this already or is he building it? How much is he willing to change it up? Have him sign up. It just takes a minute.

Personally I love Plasmaguns, they really do some good damage if you have a good ballistic skill and now there is no extra penalty for gets hot when you Rapid Fire.
I do agree with Warpsider that he does need more antitank and changing one unit to meltaguns would help out but two would be better since he does lack Antitank.
Wolf Guard terminators- he should up the count to 5 and make one of them the cyclone missile launcher. Now this this guy with the Long Fangs and now you have 7 Wolves with 3 Crack Missiles shots per turn.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Power of the WOLVES!!!!

How do you plan to use your WG; then I will comment on the overall list (the use of the wolf guard can alter an army list).
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