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2000 points: Will be facing Tau
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Default 2000 points: Will be facing Tau

As the title suggests, my Tau friend has played against my Eldar many times to no avail. He now wants to try facing my Marines (not Blood Angels which they are but Codex: Marines). First a brief overview of his likely army (it is quite huge, but this is what I expect).

3 mounted Fire warriors teams with rifles/Ui/bonding knives.
6 Stealths.
3-6 Crisis suits, 3 of which are deathrain, 3 of which are plasma flamer MT.
Either 3 hammerheads, or 2 and 2 braodsides.
Potentially 12 pathfinders and 3 Piranhas.
Things that will NOT present: kroot, gun drone squads, sniper drones.

My proposed Rough Draft list: The point total is off, and unit choices are based on owned units.

Captain: Jump pack, Artificer Armor, Thunder Hammer, StormBolter 173
He pitys the fools in those transports
Librarian: stormbolter with Avenger and Gate to infinity 103
Just got him, not sure how to use him, can't do worse than my Farseer did. He may ride with termis?

Terminators: 10 strong with Assault Cannon 430
Just got another 5, and personally I know that 2+ saves drive him nuts. They ride in Land Raider
Dreadnought: Vanilla 105
Probably should Drop Pod him right?
Dreadnought: Venerable with TL-LC and ML 205
He stalks my rhino for cover saves while firing with impunity

Tac Squad: 10 man strong, flamer and ML 170
Tac Squad: 10 man strong, flamer and multimelta, with Rhino that has extra armor 220
Tac Squad: 10 man strong, Meltagun and plasma cannon 180
If I had more rhinos, I would happily use them. In Objectives, they break into assault and support.
Sergeants have Bolt Pistol CCW, although I am working on getting a powerfist for one.

Fast Attack:
Bike Squad: with added Assault Bike with Multi Melta 140
Bikes always looked cool, so I bought them instead of rhinos :-X, I want to check em out (I have 6)

Heavy Support:
Land Raider: with extra armor 265
Drives my Termis around. Again, I would gladly use a crusader if I owned one.
Devastator squad: 3ML and a LC 170
Are you kidding me? They shoot things!

So for those of you keeping count, that totals 2161. So that's pretty much my dev squad over the point limit (or a tac squad), and that's where YOU come in. I kinda made up this list as sort of a new list. I haven't used bikes before, or that many termis, or a librarian, or a land raider. Looks like I have been playing Blood Angels for to long. So let me know what's what.

EDIT: The match is tomorrow, I will post the outcome.

Alright Blood Angels, who wants to play pin the Tau on the carnifex!
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