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1585 Pt. Space Marines - Critique Please
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Kroot Warrior
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Default 1585 Pt. Space Marines - Critique Please

I will almost exclusively face IG, Tyranids, eldar and Chaos Demons. Here goes.


Kayvaan Shrike - 195... I'm not Raven Guard but I really like the model and my friends won't care


5 x Assault Terminators - 200

1 x Venerable Dreadnought - 245
Twin Linked Lascannon (30), Extra Armour (15), Drop Pod Transport (35)


1 x 10 Marine Tactical Squad - 235
Plasma Gun (10), Plasma Cannon (5), Extra Armoured Rhino (50)

1 x 10 Marine Tactical Squad - 225
Meltagun (5), Multimelta, Extra Armoured Rhino (50)

[Fast Attack]

5 x Vanguard Vets - 235
Power Weapons (60), Jump Packs (50)

[Heavy Support]

1 x Land Raider -235

The plan is to have Dreadnought droppod behind monstrous creatures, vehicles and the like and take them out. Termies in the LR will move up the center, and Shrike + Vanguard Vets will stay behind LR for cover, assaulting when the time is right. On Shrike/Vets flanks will be the rhinos with the tac squads. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. And yeah this list is pretty much supa plagarised from successful lists board.
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Default Re: 1585 Pt. Space Marines - Critique Please

Well im not a space marine player but i would think you need more troops because that is a very small list for 1500 points
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Old 25 Sep 2009, 22:04   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 1585 Pt. Space Marines - Critique Please

Ya cullen more troops! Though it would be perfectly fine with me if you kept the numbers small.
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