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I NEED BIG HELP! against heavy infantry.
Old 18 Aug 2009, 20:35   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default I NEED BIG HELP! against heavy infantry.

i have a Dark angel deathwing army with allied daemonhunters. all my life i have been fighting orks tyranids and daemons. so i developed an army that dished out lots of bullets with little power. for example i own 5 land raider crusaders. all my deathwing squads have assault cannons. but my last trip to gameday i played against this guy named scott who collected a chaos space marine army. it was an apacolypse game of 4500 and he had less troops than me! witch was crazy because I'm terminators and grey knights. i had little experiance against chaos. his slaneesh champion dude with blissgiver slaughtered my callidus assasin. abbadon murdered coteaz. but most horribly terrifying thing of all none of my guns penatrated him. my five land raider crusaders did nothing. he noted some of his troop units were costing him over 600 points. he made a mockery of me all 4 games i played him. in 9 days we are going to rematch and i need mega help i cant loose 5 times in a row and disgrace the good name of the emperor. please comment suggestions.
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Default Re: I NEED BIG HELP! against heavy infantry.

Assault cannons should help, but get into cc with the bugger. Use your power fists and force weapons to carve a swath of destruction trough him. Use the assault cannons on the crusaders and tank shock his units closer to your waiting terminators for cc killing.

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Default Re: I NEED BIG HELP! against heavy infantry.

im not the most experienced player but i would suggest plasma weapons. like plasma guns on in your tac squads and plasma cannons in dev squads/tac squads. i haven't had any experience with plasma weapons but i do know they are really good with heavy infantry. if im not mistaken, plasma canons are ap 2.

good luck

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Default Re: I NEED BIG HELP! against heavy infantry.

My DA army runs (of only for fluffiness), Plas Cannon and Plas Gun per tac squad (of which there is 3) , which allows for a lot of AP2 fun once the big'uns close for the kill. I've vapourised several enemy termi squads this way, with the new "no partials" rule for templates making a direct Plas Cannon hit devastating.

Also, Plasma Cannons on Dreadnoughts = mad killing power with no overheat drawbacks. One of my Dreads runs this and a powerfist, allowing him to lend close support to my Deathwing, he basically drops anyone that might cause the Terminators a problem, then they sweep through and finish whoever is left...

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: I NEED BIG HELP! against heavy infantry.

thanx for sugestions. the battle was a draw. go figure.
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