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2000 Point White Scars
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Default 2000 Point White Scars

Total Points: 2000


Khan - 205
w/ Moondrakkan

5x Command Squad - 370
w/ Bikes, 4x Lightning Claws, 1x Thuder Hammer, 5x Storm Shields


9x Scouts + Scout Sarge - 140
w/ 10x Combat Blades

9x Scouts + Scout Sarge - 165
w/ 5x Combat Blades, 4x Sniper Rifles, 1x Heavy Bolter (hellfire), 5x Camo Cloaks

7x Space Marine Bikes + Bike Sarge + Attack Bike - 300
w/ 2x Meltas, 1x Multi Melta, 1x Power Weapon

7x Space Marine Bikes + Bike Sarge + Attack Bike - 300
w/ 2x Meltas, 1x Multi Melta, 1x Power Weapon


Iron Clad Dread - 185
w/ Drop Pod, 2x Hvy Flamers, Seismic hammer, DCCW

Sternguard Vets - 185
w/ Drop Pod, 5x Combi Meltas

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Storm - 50
w/ Heavy Bolter

Land Speeder Storm - 50
w/ Heavy Bolter

Land Speeder Storm - 50
w/ Heavy Bolter

Overall Strat is just fast moving and in your face, the way white scars should be! It's going to be a fun list to play. Wether or not it does well is to be determined haha!

Khan Either Outflanks or Turbo Boosts up with his command squad crazy fast moving, re roll wounding (LC's), furious charging, hit and running, feel no paining, invun saving squad. I had the extra points so I gave one of them a thunder hammer as a "just in case". I know these guys are kind of a point sink but they are fun as hell to use so why not right?

All the Troop Choices Combat squad. The three 5 man groups of scouts with combat blades ride in the 3 Land speeder storms and Infiltrate, scout move, and 1st turn charges the enemies shooting units. The Sniper, Hvy bolter squad has the Camo cloaks and camps a home objective.

The Bikers either outflank or turbo boost up. Each of the two units combat squad into Group1: 3x bikes + attack bike with all the meltas and multi melta (Clearly they tank hunt) Group2: 4x bikes + Sergeant with Power weapon (support the LSS scouts).

For the Elites, Either I drop the IC Dread in front of some infantry and light um up with the Heavy Flamers or drop the Sterguard next to a tank and pop it 1st turn. One thing I'd like to point out about these two units is how versatile they are. The dread is great at killing infantry and then the next turn can CC the klkn out of a tank. The Vet's could pop a tank when then drop then next turn hellfire round the klkn out of some infantry. I love both of these choices.

And finally I already mentioned what the Fast attack slots are doing in the troops section.

Comments? Thoughts? Think it's terrible? What would you change?
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Default Re: 2000 Point White Scars

I think that the ironclad dreadnought should retain his meltagun so he can open up fast-moving transports. Most infantry will have a hard time getting through AV13, so two heavy flamers is overkill. The command squad needs at least one meltagun for the same reason; so they can open up Land Raiders and pop dreadnoughts.

I haven't faced or used scouts in Land Speeder Storms before, so I don't know how that will pan out. I think heavy flamers on the land speeders would be a decent option. The scout sergeants should have a power fist and/or combi-melta or melta bombs to make them threats. Lastly, I do not believe you have the option of giving only 5 camo cloaks to a squad of 10 scouts.
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Default Re: 2000 Point White Scars

I have to say I hate it, but really that's only from a fluff point of view. It just doesn't look like a proper White Scars army, mainly because of the Drop Pod element, which just doesn't quite fit with the ethos. I'd much rather see more bikes.

However, for competition it looks quite strong and I'd only make a couple of changes.

1) Khan can be substituted for a regular Captain with very little lost. You don't lose combat tactics (a slightly inferior hit-and-run) and you don't fall victim to duff outflank rolls. Sure, he makes the command squad brutal, but they really don't need the help.

2) The command squad can be reined in a little, I tend to see this format:
Apothecary, Company Champion, LC+SS, LC+SS+MB, MB. The idea is that the guy with the Meltabomb is expendable, while the two SS guys are different, so you make the most of the wound allocation rules. You could also put a SS on the meltabomb guy. But certainly, making them all different will save you models after wound allocation.
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