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1500pts Crimson Fists List
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Default 1500pts Crimson Fists List

I decided to make a list last night, i had fighting Tau in mind mainly though it may be used against the IG. Its a Crimson Fists List so Pedro Kantor Was a must. The tactics im mind where just to Rush but maintain some Fire Support for the Rhinos to get Across, and also to take down pesky Hammerheads!


Pedro Kantor- 175pts

Chaplain w/ Jump Pack - 115pts


Tactical Squad 9 Marines w/ 1 Melta
1 Sgt w/ Power Weapon - 190pts

Rhino- 35pts

Tactical Squad 9 Marines w/1 Flamer
1 Sgt w/ Power Weapon- 185pts



Drednought TL Lascannon CCW- 135pts

Drop Pod- 35 pts

4 Sternguard, 2 Combi Flamers
1 Sgt CCW BP- 135pts

Rhino- 35pts

Fast Attack

4 Assualt Marines
1 Sgt Power Weapon 115pts

Heavy Support

Predator Destructor -85pts

Whirwind- 85pts

4 Devastators Missle Launchers
1 Sgt CCW Bp- 150pts

C and C welcome!
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Default Re: 1500pts Crimson Fists List

I would get rid of the chaplin and assult squad as they are to fragile. I would replace them with another squad of stern guard and drop the combi flamers in the other one apart from that its good.
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