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Codex SM List Based on Sternguard (2000pt RTT)
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Default Codex SM List Based on Sternguard (2000pt RTT)

Hey guys. I've decided to shelve my 'nids until the new codex comes out and I wanted to get some input on my SM list. I have two squads of Ordo Xenos that work perfectly as Sternguard vets and I wanted to have a list based on them.

The idea is to take a multi-melta dreadnought and two squads of sternguard with Pedro Kantor in drop pods to delay the enemy and immidiately kill any MC's (Ctan) or high profile targets from turn one. There would also be a heap of armor coming in from my deployment zone. The two tacticals with razorbacks would split into combat squads with the lascannon combat team sitting on a home object while the rest of the squad hopping into the razorback and advancing with everyone else.

The players I will be playing against are mostly one Tau, two Deathguard/Plague Marine themed lists, one chaos demon and the rest is split between IG and codex SM. Secondary opponents (people that play infrequently in tournaments) are mechanized Orkz and mechanized Eldar.


Pedro Kantor 175


Sternguard Squad 315
10 Man, Power Fist Sergeant, x1 Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Sternguard Squad 315
10 Man, Power Fist Sergeant, x1 Combi-Plasma, Drop Pod
Dreadnought 150
Heavy Flamer to Replace Storm Bolter, Drop Pod

Tactical Squad 255
10 Man, Power Fist Sergeant, Lascannon, Flamer, Razorback (Pintle Storm Bolter)
Tactical Squad 230
10 Man, Lascannon, Flamer, Razorback (Pintle Storm Bolter)
Tactical Squad 205
10 Man, Flamer, Rhino
Scout Squad 144
8 Man, x8 Sniper Rifles (including Sergeant's)

Fast Attack

Attack Bike Squad 150
3 Bikes, x3 Multi-meltas

Heavy Support

Predator 85
Heavy Bolter Side Sponsons

Total is 1994... four points left over. I took the scouts to get my % spent on troops up to 40% to make it RTT PC.
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