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1000 Point Marines (Vanilla)
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Default 1000 Point Marines (Vanilla)

Hey all,

As of late, I've been downgrading my lists due to a lack of funds to take on larger lists. Here is what I have for a small 1000pt list I made up.

1000pt Space Marine List

Basic gear + Smite and Force Dome

8 Sternguard Veterans
Basic Gear
Mount in Rhino w/ Extra Armor.

10 Space Marines
Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun

10 Space Marines
Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun

Fast Attack
1 Land Speeder
Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta
70 pts

Heavy Support
Extra Armor

Basic Gear

Total Points = 995pts

In a nutshell, the Librarian will ride with the Sternguard to provide support, the Sterguard will ride along side the Vindicator and will deploy where ever best to provide support for it. The Whirlwind and Tactical Squads will stay towards the back providing supporing fire for the advancing squads. The Land Speeder will fly around supporing any elements under attack.

Hopefully everything is sound. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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