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2500 point Blood Angels list (for 'Ard Boyz)
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Default 2500 point Blood Angels list (for 'Ard Boyz)

Well, this is what I think I'll be running for 'Ard Boyz this year. Let me know what you think.

HQ: 300 points
[200 points] Dante
[100 points] Corbulo

Elite: 770 points
[325 points] Veteran Assault Squad: 9-man (1 Thunder Hammer, 2 Power Swords, 1 Flamer, 1 Meltagun)
[200 points] Terminator Assault Squad: 5-man (1 TH/SS, 4 Paired Lightning Claws)
[215 points] Venerable Death Company Furioso Dread (Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour) and Drop Pod
[30 points] Death Company: 6-man (Jump Packs)

[275 points] Assault Squad: 10-man (Sgt. has PF)
[275 points] Assault Squad: 10-man (Sgt. has PF)
[265 points] Tactical Squad: 10-man (Plasma Gun, Lascannon) and Rhino
[225 points] Tactical Squad: 10-man (Plasma Gun, Lascannon)

Heavy Support
[255 points] Land Raider Crusader (Storm Bolter)
[130 points] Vindicator (Dozer Blade)

Tac squads hold objectives in the rear, Vindicator goes where needed, Furioso drops in with the pod (hopefully turn 3), and the rest of the army moves up fairly close together to take advantage of Dante and Corbulo's 12" range special abilities (Preferred Enemy and Furious Charge between the two), with Corbulo and the terminators riding in the LRC.

I have 5 points to spare, so I was debating either replacing the Vet Assault Squad's flamer with a meltagun or giving one of the vets equipped with bolter and chainsword some meltabombs. The meltagun would likely come in handy more often than the flamer, but against 'nids or orks it could be very useful. Not sure which way I'm going to go on that yet, though I am leaning more towards the meltagun option since it would be most useful against the widest range of players.

All in all, I think this is a very solid list. Certainly not undefeatable, but with luck I should be able to chew up almost anything I go up against.
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