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Reborn 40k... The Blind Dragons army list
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Default Reborn 40k... The Blind Dragons army list

Hi guys,

I just sold my whole things a couple months ago, I needed a reset I guess. I decided to come back progressively with Marines, and whatever you people may think of them, they are now, IMO the most customizable army available. Plus, due to AOBR, they are amongst the cheapest to get if you don't want to play da green horde.

So here's my army list for discussion. The project is a big one. I actually never REALLY took the time to paint, assemble and customize an army like I plan to do for this one. The idea behind the army is bikes, more precisely Dragons (reptiles). I plan to use cold Ones as mounts.

Long Story Short, my chapter as been forgotten a long time ago on a once forge world, during the chaos wars. Back then, it was a relatively new chapter, but its blood had a disease, its warrior were albinos, nearly blind from it. They had no other hyper senses to compensate, except that their blindness wasn't a disease no more when exposed to highly bright light. In the urge to survive, they enclosed themselves into the ruins of the major city and mines of their home, now forgotten, planet. They survived because of one man, known as The Machinist among themselves, a Master of the Forge. He did not cure them, but managed to save them by providing them with weapons of choice : meltas and flamers, whose bright light would make the blind Dragons see and seek their prey. But the man himself wouldn't have been able to save the chapter alone, Mathusalem, the Dragon Father, the first of the Blind Dragons, through his manipulated blood in attempt to save the chapter, manipulations done by long time dead scientists, developed, amongst his madness, a control over heat sources and a psychic link with the reptiles fauna, which became dependable on the Father heat sources a long time ago. He transmitted to Galuk, The First Child, and his other children his psychic ability to communicate with the reptile, and where the Father's insanity would stop his psychic abilities, the First Child learned to become the first Dragon Rider. The reptiles and Blind Dragons are now one, what the warriors cannot see, the Dragons does, and with their masters they hunt. The Chapter learned to developed a very quick approach, and their combat style is often at flames range. Even if they actually have no access to forgeworlds, their Master of the Forge managed to understand a lot of the Spirit Machine secrets over the relatively peaceful climate of their resourceful planet. Hence not standart issues, and for which he would probably be called an heretic, the light of the Emperor being amongst the only one that doesn't shine on their scattered planet, he managed to provide a lot of mechanical support to the Blind Dragons, and now, is the time to explore.

So yeah, that's basically the idea behind my army. Their paint scheme is Light Grey, with Gold and Orange Details. White eyes.

The actual army list is 2000 pts, and I plan on adding a Master of The forge and 3 more Dreadnoughts in my available models, just in case I want some variation.

The Dragon Father (Vulkan). 190
The First Child (Captain with Relic, combi-Flamer and Bike, armour). 190

The Jaw (Dread with 2x H.Flamer, drop pod). 150
The Eyes (2x Dread with H.Flamer). 230

Dragon Riders squad(5 Bikes with Melta, Flamer, Attack Bike with Multi, Sgt with Pfist). 230
Dragon Riders squad(5 Bikes with Melta, Flamer, Attack Bike with Multi, Sgt with Pfist). 230
Dragon Riders squad(5 Bikes with Melta, Flamer, Attack Bike with Multi, Sgt with Pfist). 230

Fast Attack
The Breath(3 Attack Bikes with Multi). 150
The Wings (2 Speeder with H.Flamer and Multi). 140

Heavy Support
Claws and Tail (3x Dakka Pred). 255

Flesh. Meat. Prey. Hunt. Eat. Never sleep.
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