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Vanilla. 1250. vs Orks & Nids
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Default Vanilla. 1250. vs Orks & Nids

Hi all,
my two main opponents are swarms of cc orks and nids with a future emphasis on MC's and Genestealers( though at the moment he has more gaunts than anything).

HQ - [188]
Space Marines Chapter Master [188]
- Relic Blade - Stormbolter - Melta Bombs - Jump Pack
--Attached to Assault Squad

Troops - [500]
Tactical Squad [205]
- 10 Marines
- 1 Lascannon - 1 Flamer
- SGT - Powerfist

Tactical Squad [205]
- 10 Marines
- 1 Lascannon - 1 Flamer
- SGT - Powerfist

Scout Squad [90]
- 5 Scouts
- 5 Snipers - Camo Cloaks

Dedicated Transports - [65]
Razorback 'Erasum' [65]
- Stormbolter - Extra Armor

Elites - [190]
Sternguard Veteran Squad [190]
- 5 Veterans
- 2 Heavy Bolters
- SGT - Powerfist - Combi-Flamer

Fast Attack - [168]
Assault Squad [168]
- 6 Marines
- 1 Flamer
- SGT - Powerfist - Stormshield

Heavy Support - [85]
Whirlwind [85]

Total = 1196

i dont really have that much more money right now for more models, though the games are friendly so there are a few count as'.
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Default Re: Vanilla. 1250. vs Orks & Nids

I'm a new'ish Marine player, though long time Ork player, and your list is pretty close to what I've run against both Nids and Orks. I also don't have a lot of models to pull from and in doing my lists close to what you have, I've had decent luck with it.

What I've learned in my few games with a setup like this. Don't expect much out of the Scouts using sniper rifles against Orks or Nids. Nids will most likely be in synapse range and fearless and Orks are usually in a large enough group to be fearless. Best bet is to use the snipers to pick off weaker units where you have a chance to pin or tougher units for the easy wounding.

Support your Sternguard because either of these armies will pull it apart if they reach it, I know. I've been using my equally small Assault squad to go where they are needed, hanging back and waiting for the time to strike. At the few models of them you have, you have to be careful in who you choose to assault with them.
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Default Re: Vanilla. 1250. vs Orks & Nids

Your army has a decent amount of fat, and you didn't take a few key upgrades. The captain doesn't need a storm bolter, as the amount of damage he will do with it will be small; a bolt pistol should be just fine. The tactical squads can probably be just fine with missile launchers, unless your Tyranid opponent uses 2+ save monstrous creatures. Missile launchers also have the benefit of a blast, and cost 10 points less. The scouts deserve a heavy weapon, preferably the heavy bolter (with hellfire rounds). The razorback you have is overpriced and should be a Rhino, or not have 25 points of marginal upgrades. It also isn't clear which squad has the Razorback. If the sternguard are going to be hanging back and shooting things with heavy bolters, then you probably don't need the power fist or combi-flamer.

With the points that you save, you should be able to get more assault marines or even a vehicle like another whirlwind, predator or land speeder.
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