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Your thought on my BA force
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Your thought on my BA force

this is my normal selection and was wondering what your thoughts were

Honour Guard - Sanguinary Priest, Champion, Standard Bearer with Chapter
Banner (+1 A for unit etc..), Veterans x 2 with Power Swords, Meltabombs,
Jump Pack.

Chaplain - Jump Pack

3 x Assault Squads 10 men - Power Weapons, Meltabombs

Furioso Dreadnought - Death Company, Heavy flamer
Drop Pod

Death Company x 5 - Jump Packs

Baal Predators x 2 - Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolters

Total Points 2000

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Your thought on my BA force

I highly recommend power fists in 10 man assault squads over power weapons. They become far more dangerous and versatile that way. You are way too low on anti-tank otherwise. Also, if you're going with a jump pack chaplain, why not use Lemartes instead? All that would require about 35 points. You can ditch the meltabombs from th assault squads to get 15 or those, since Power Fists would do about the same job, and better (unless you're trying to pop a monolith or land raider).

In general it seems a bit low on the model count, but I don't know what I'd suggest without radically altering the list.
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Default Re: Your thought on my BA force

I am not sure if 2 Baal preds. is really necessary. So they usually target infantry, of any kind; however your list seems more than able to crush infantry (a la assault teams and dante). There is not a whole lot of just anti armor going on. Meltabombs are great but are your troops that need to be on objectives going to chase down that Leman Russ shooting at them. Perhaps swap out one of the Preds for A dev squad for added AT? Just what I think, I am sure that your list will run beautifully anyways as I doubt any enemy infantry will make it past all those bullets and bodies.
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