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Blood Ravens 2nd Company 2000 pts - Ninja Marines
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Default Blood Ravens 2nd Company 2000 pts - Ninja Marines

Blood Ravens 2nd Company 2000 pts []
HQ: 390

HQ 1:
Captain Jonathan Incursus (Khan Profile)

HQ 2:
Librarian Shawn Navitas (Tigerius Profile)

Elite: 490

Elite 1:
Terminator Squad (5 Terminators)
Assault Cannon
Land Raider Crusader

Troops: 705

Troop 1:
Tactical Squad (10 Marines)
Power fist
Heavy Bolter

Troop 2:
Tactical Squad (10 Marines)
Plasma Gun
Power fist
Missile Launcher
Twin-linked Assault Cannon

Troop 3:
Tactical Squad (10 Marines)
Power fist
Twin-linked Plasma Gun

Fast Attack: 330

Fast Attack 1:
Land Speeder Typhoon Squadron (2 Speeders)

Fast Attack 2:
Scout Bikes (5 Bikers)
3 GLs

Total: 2000

Ok this is essentially a Ninja Tau take on the Space Marine Codex. All units can either DS (termies & speeders) or out flank (everything else). Typhoons drop where needed as they can take either take a AT or AH role with a good chance of success. Marines will take on infantry or split into Combat Squads to tango with specific enemies. Scouts can soften up enemies then charge or just pelt at distance. Razorbacks are flexible. The vanilla one takes straight horde while the TLAC can take either horde or heavy infantry or light armor and the TLPG&LC will be mainily anti tank or heavy infantry. HQs will likely be attached to tac squads.

Central objectives in enemy territory will be a problem. Horde armies should be cake but heavier infantry like other Marines & tank heavy lists like the new IG will be an issue. I think I might drop a couple of Scout Bikes as I'll be relying on flanking to reduce incoming fire. The extra points would go to upgrading the vanilla Razorback to either another twin asscannon or lascannon/twin plasma variant & another meltagun.

KPs: 9 - 13
Scoring: 3 - 6

If you think this is just too crazy to work or I'm underestimating horde please comment.
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