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Six Combat Patrol Lists, Training for a friend.
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Default Six Combat Patrol Lists, Training for a friend.

Well, you might not have seen me around recently, or know who I am at all. That's a combination of life getting in the way and the fact internet is hard to come by in Wyoming where I currently am. It's boring up here. So, to cure this boredom, I've created a whole mess of training lists for a friend who's just picking up the hobby with Tau back home in Oklahoma. I've assembled six Tau lists, six Space Marine lists, and eleven Ork lists for you guys to review or ignore at you leasure. I couldn't bring my books up here, so the lists are made from memory as best as possible.

Since he doesn't have much (the battleforce and an extra box of Fire Warriors), I've kept the lists down to 400 point combat patrols which range in power from feeble to crushing, and an additional 750 list for each race once he gets up and going. Those that I think are a bit too hard for an upstart I've "Locked". He's a videogamer and is familiar with the concept. To kill some more time I made a table not unlike the old terrain generating tables from the 3rd edition book.

The table goes along these lines using 1d6:1-3=Orks, 4-5=Space Marines, 6=Tau. I assumed that Marines are a bit more rare than Orks. After that, he'll roll another d6 for which list he'll fight, and that's where your input is needed. Remember that the goal is to teach, not necessarily to win.

The Chapter is Crimson Fists, if you are curious as to why I'd bring powerfists to combat patrol.

1:Recon. I went for numbers here, scouts are great for that. I have one tactical squad that looks like they've been in the Field a while and used them as well.

Scout Squad(5)- 75pts
-all with CCW

Scout Squad(7)- 111pts
--Heavy Bolter

Tactical Squad(10)- 195ts
-Missile Launcher
-Power Fist

381pts. I'd give camo cloaks to the shooty scouts but that puts me 2 points over.

2:Mini Company. The theme is a bit silly here, but I thought it would be fun to miniaturize a company as best I could given the point restriction.

Tactical Squad(10)- 170pts
-Missile Launcher

Assault Squad(5)- 100

Devastator Squad(5)- 120
-Heavy Bolter(x2)

390pts. I don't expect much of this list, but I do expect it to be challenging for me to play.

3:Heavy Fire. Not the best thought out list, but goofy and fun. You can probably guess the theme.

Tactical Squad(10)-170
-Missile Launcher

Devastator Squad(10)- 230
-Missile Launcher(x4)

400pts. Lots of Rockets. Slightly goofy in its theme.

4:Tactical. Almost Forgot this one. Using a die he'll pick any combination of these four tactical squads.

Novato:Flamer, Missile Launcher, Powerfist.
Dolor:Flamer Missile Launcher, Powerfist.
Fuego:Plasmagun, Plasmacannon, Power Weapon.
Sol:Meltagun, Multimelta, Power Weapon.


385-395pts depending on the outcome.

5:Reinforcements. This is the first locked list. The reason for this is that it's very assault heavy and surprising.

Scout Squad(5)- 75pts
-all with CCW

Bike Squad(3)- 110pts
-Power Weapon

Assault Squad(10)- 215
-Power Fist

400pts. The theme is that his forces have come across an isolated biker squad which has called for reinforcements. The scouts will outflank and the assault squad will deep strike. This could either go swimmingly or terrible.

6:Bastion. This list is meant to be difficult and thus is locked. I've considered putting some special rules into effect.

Tactical Squad(10)- 200pts
-Power Weapon

Scout Squad(7)- 111pts
-Heavy Bolter


395pts. I only have the 40k in 40 minutes rules and it makes no mention of Ordnance. To curb the power a bit, I'm thinking of this special rule.

*Preoccupied:The Whirlwind is a smidge busy shooting something further away. To represent this, the whirlwind may only fire if an enemy unit is with 24" on the whirlwind (effectively halving its range) or if it is fired upon. If it is fired upon, it may only retaliate against the units that fired at it. It may move as normal to keep out of danger.

Those are the six lists, let me know what you think. The links to the Tau lists and Ork list will be up shortly.

Tau: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...72.0;topicseen

Orks: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=84478.0
R.I.P. Freddie Hope, May your memory never die.

Originally Posted by runer60000
Originally Posted by Gearhead
I believe so, I get mine at Walgreen's for around $7. Brake Fluid works too (Pine Sol Works on metals, not so well on plastics), but I prefer the spraycanniness of the Easy Off. Spray it (Wear gloves, it's important), let it sit, and take a toothbrush to it later.
so what your saying is that oven cleaner can remove paint from plastic models? and after that, you take a toothbrush to your plastic model, and the paint just comes off?
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