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1,500 DIY
Old 09 Jun 2009, 14:42   #1 (permalink)
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Default 1,500 DIY

I'm going to be playing my friend's Orks this weekend and this is my first real game with my Marines, so looking for a hand with my list on the finer points. Unfortunately I don't have much to pull from. Aside from what's listed below I have 5 Assault Marines that I have yet to put together and a Rhino. I'm perfectly fine with list tailoring, we all do it (my friends and I).

* Captain w/bolter & relic blade = 130

* Command Squad = 220
Company Champion
Apothecary w/bolt pistol & chainsword
Vet w/company standard, bolt pistol & chainsword
Vet w/power fist & bolt pistol
Vet w/plasma pistol & chainsword
Drop Pod

* Librarian w/bolt pistol = 100

* Terminators x 5 w/assault cannon = 230
* Dreadnought w/heavy flamer, multi-melta + Drop Pod = 150

* Tactical Marines x 10 w/flamer & heavy bolter + Sgt w/power fist & bolt pistol = 195
* Tactical Marines x 10 w/flamer & multi-melta + Sgt w/chainsword & bolt pistol = 170
* Scouts x 5 w/sniper rifles & camo cloaks = 90

Heavy Support
Devastators x 5 w/lascannons x 2 & missile launcher x 2 + Sgt w/bolter = 190

Total: 1475

The general idea is to sit the Scouts on my home objective, get a Tactical gun line established, squat the Devs to bust up his Trukks. I'll drop pod in the Dread first to harass his transports, really it's a sacrificial unit. The Command Squad with Captain drop pod in and the Termies deep strike. I'd like to be aggressive and get in his face since he'll probably not expect it.

This list isn't final, it's definitely a rough idea, which is why I'm sitting on 25pts right now. I have a few questions. The Librarian's force weapon, is this a single-handed CCW, so that with a pistol he gets +1 attack? I know how force weapons work but do you have to use the ability to instant kill in assault with it, or is that optional (I know it counts as a psychic attack).

Any help would be appreciated. I do have some options also on my Command Squad and my Sergeants. I magnetized all their arms for just that reason. I have a few power fists and power swords that I could swap on to any of those.
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Old 09 Jun 2009, 15:37   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1,500 DIY

In my own experience, I think it would be smarter to drop the powerfist on the sarge, and upgrade your librarian to an epistolary. It's very nice being able to use two powers per turn, and the 1 power that I can recommend right now is the avenger. An AP3 heavy flamer is very powerful indeed, and then charging and getting to use your force weapon is very helpful. I don't like having too choose between a power or my force weapon. Other than that, your list looks effective.
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Old 09 Jun 2009, 15:43   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1,500 DIY

I was debating that, was just trying to figure where to pull the points from. I was also considering trying to get a 3rd Drop Pod in so that I can get 2 of them to show up on turn #1 and putting a Tact squad with the Librarian in it. The downside is it's going to leave my flank pretty vulnerable.
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Old 09 Jun 2009, 21:47   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1,500 DIY

I suggest you use the Rhino. The Rhino is good for tank shocking orks into a tight formation and then hitting them with templates. Alternatively, vehicles give the unit inside effectively an extra turn of shooting against assault-focused enemies.

Save some points by getting rid of a useless plasma pistol or company standard. Maybe a heavy weapon for your scout squad too, so they can actually kill something.
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Old 09 Jun 2009, 21:51   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1,500 DIY

The reason for the Command Squad wargear, not saying I couldn't better adjust it, is to make it a complex unit, each member armed differently to take advantage of wound allocation. Plus, that's what is on those Vets now, but being magnet mounted arms I can change it, although I don't think I have enough bits to then arm them all uniquely if I change it up.
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Old 09 Jun 2009, 21:57   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1,500 DIY

You might want to consider adding a few men to the devastator squad to make it more durable, because as it is now, even a single casualty will cost you a heavy weapon. Same with the command squad - seems a bit over-equipped to me, as soon as one of them falls, you'll start losing valuable wargear.
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Old 09 Jun 2009, 23:23   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1,500 DIY

Unfortunately that's all I have for Devs, unless I were to cut into Tact squads to pull from there. I can certainly cut down on wargear for the Command squad, like removing the standard and plasma pistol, which would leave me the Champ, Apothecary, a Vet w/PF, and 2 Vets with bolt pistols and chainswords, which would be pretty trimmed down but still have a punch.

It's tough when you have so few models to work with. That's why I'm hoping to get in a few games, starting this weekend, to get a feel for the direction I want to go with them.
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