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Thors Hammer, 1500 pnt list
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Default Thors Hammer, 1500 pnt list

Hi, this is my first SM list I've made for my upcoming army. It has a little bit of a theme, A lot of melee with thunder hammers and power hammer/axes.

Commander(Captain) -

storm shield, thunderhammer, artificer armor, digital weapons, jetpack

Tac Squad - plasma gun, missle launcher, power sword, plasma pistol

Tac Squad - plasma gun, missle launcher, power sword, plasma pistol

Tac Squad - plasma gun, missle launcher, power sword, plasma pistol


Terminators x5 - close combat termies

Heavy Support:

Landraider(transport for termies)

Predator - lascannon, lascannon sponsons

Predator - Autocannon

1,500 exactly! Criticism is welcome but this is the kind of over all feel I'm looking for, I refuse to use special characters tho. I plan on splitting each tac squad with 5 guys and a missle launcher sitting back while the other 5, with the sgt and plasma gun run forward. The only thing I'd like to fit in is a Vanguard veteran squad, but they'd have to have powerswords/jumppacks.
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Default Re: Thors Hammer, 1500 pnt list

Relic blade is a good deal for a SM captain, so I think you could afford to give him that and leave the anti-MC to the Assault Terminators. He also should drop his jump pack, as he won't be able to fit in the Land Raider and if he is on his own he will be sniped off by a lascannon.

Also, I would recommend one of the Land Raider variants, as the vanilla Land Raider is blah in my opinion. I personally like the Crusader, as it can lay down a lot of firepower up to 24" and fires almost like a fast vehicle. Always get a multi-melta for any Land Raider.

I also suggest that you drop the plasma pistols, power swords and/or plasma guns on your tactical squads to get Rhino transports. They will last a lot longer in a transport and you can effectively rapid fire anything within 24". You might want a couple flamers in your army so that horde players won't swarm you.
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