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1000 point Space wolves army
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1000 point Space wolves army

1000 points, please critique.

Battle Leader
-frost axe
-space marine bike
-wolf pelt

Battle leader
-frost axe
-S.M Bike
-wolf pelt

6 Grey Hunters
-all with bolters and CCW

15 Blood Claws
-3 with powerfists and bolt pistols
-12 with bolt pistols and CCW

15 Blood Claws
-3 with powerfist and bolt pistol
-12 with bolt pistol and CCW

5 Blood Claw Bikers
-1 flamer
-1 plasma pistol
-3 with CCW
Total= 1,000

These 15 blood claws get 2 attacks in close combat because of the pistol with CCW. Because of the Berserk charge, they get 2 more when they charge. On the charge i get 48 normal attacks and 9 powerfist attacks. That is what i believe, and it is awesome!
One Battle leader is with the biker unit, and one is running around having fun.
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