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1500 [Lysander] Salamanders;
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Default 1500 [Lysander] Salamanders;

Finally trying to get back into 40K properly and so was thinking of my Salamanders the other night, here is what I was thinking for a list, as I havent used my Marines yet this ED.

Lysander [Salamanders 1st Comp Captain];

7 Sternguard; 1 Plasma Gun.

Land Raider with Flamestorm Cannons;

[These boys would go together in the Land Raider to unleash some twin linked rapid fire or a nasty charge on the enemy]

10 Marines; Flamer, Missile Launcher.

[Would Probably split into combat squads]

10 Marines; Melta, Multi Melta.

[Tank Busters and a bit of added speed to get into those close range fire fights]

10 Marines; Plasma, Missile Launcher.

[These guys would hug a close objective, using Lysanders Bolster Defences rules to help them out]

10 Marines; Plasma, Multi Melta, Powerfist Sarg.

[My mid range unit for versatility]


48 Marines,
3 Tanks.

So I am going for the whole Salamanders close ranged firefight theme. I feel that I am lacking in anti tank though. I am not sure 3 Plasma, 2 Multi Melta, 2 Missiles and 1 Melta will cut it. I am also concerned that I am too light on the ground with my Armour and that it will be easily picked off.

So any suggestions/thoughts?
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