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My new Marine List 2000pts (help please this is first marine list)
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Default My new Marine List 2000pts (help please this is first marine list)

Well, Im new to the forums i i made a list recently for my own personal marines. thought i might as well post it. The colour scheme is deathwing, lots of robes and tabards. Critisism, coments and the such are welcome and prefered. So far all the minis have are the crusader, the shooting terminators and a couple marines (3).

-Terminator Captain: 155pts*
Double lightning claws

-Assault Terminators: 5 man: 200pts*
Double Lightning Claws

-Terminators: 5 man: 235pts
Assault cannon, chainfist

-Terminators: 5 man: 235pts
Assault cannon, chainfist

-Tactical Squad: 10 man: 190pts
Meltagun, multimelta, teleport homer

-Tactical Squad: 10 man: 190pts
Meltagun, multimelta, teleport homer

-Tactical Squad: 10 man: 190pts
Meltagun, multimelta, teleport homer

Heavy Supports:
-Landraider Crusader: 285pts*
multimelta, hunter killer, extra armour

-Predator: 165pts
Lascannon turret, lascannon sponsoons

Fast Attack
-Assault Squad: 7 man: 156pts
Sargent:Power weapon, melta bombs

units with * beside would work together (transports carry units with * for example)

Thats my list, i think its exactly 2001 pts but thats from the assault squad. The plan with this army would be for my tact squads to split off into combat squads, one combat squad with melta gun the other with multi melta. The multi melta squads would sit down on objectives while the squads with melta guns and teleport homers would bulldoze the table and summon forth the angry wrath of my terminators using the teleport homers. The commander and lightning claw terminators would ride to the fight in the Landraider while the latter wittles away the target, commamder and lightning claws jump out go nuts and move on, landraider destroys the large infantry formations and generally makes my opponent feel like nobody loves him. The Predator would blast away at tanks to protect my tact squads and landraider and the assault marines would mop up objectives. The whole time my melta armed marines will be blasting away at any heavy armoured foe, be it man or machine that dars to come within 12 inches (half range for multimelta, full for melta guns)

The meltas would switch out to normal bolters and the multimeltas would switch to heavy bolters for when facing horde armies or low tank forces.

For my lightning claw terminators i will be doing a conversion in which i will be replacing their lightning claws with swords but rule wise they would still be lightning claws, same for my commander. My forces will be the darker style of deathwing with beige ish armour and green robes with the ocasional green armour section. All metals will be silver.

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