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Dreadnought Heavy Vanilla List-1500 points
Old 08 Apr 2009, 18:18   #1 (permalink)
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Default Dreadnought Heavy Vanilla List-1500 points

Okay picked up a bunch of dreads and what not from a bud so made a simple list to play with lmk what you think.

Notes- The Master of the forge is so I can field the four but hes also cheap and can repair the shooting dreads. The tac squads will Combat squad most of the time but obviously dont have too.

Master of The Forge-100

DreadNought-Missle Launcher, Lascannon-145
DreadNought-Missle Launcher, Lascannon-145
DreadNought-Missle Launcher, Lascannon-145

10x Tactical Squad-Flamer,Missile Launcher,Powerfist-195
10x Tactical Squad-Flamer,Missile Launcher,Powerfist-195

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Venerable DreadNought-Multimelta,DCCW,Flamer,Extra Armor-190
Drop Pod-35
Devastator Squad-4x Missle Launchers-150

LMK what you think.
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Default Re: Dreadnought Heavy Vanilla List-1500 points

I think the Master of the Forge should have the excellent conversion beamer, and replace the devastators and venerable dreadnought with three cheap MM dreadnoughts.
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Default Re: Dreadnought Heavy Vanilla List-1500 points

LMK what you think.

Se my most recent batreps
i run a 6 dread 2K list.

the MOTFs loadout really depends on what you want him to do. if he is ther to fix stuff then the harness is great but say you need more heavy firepower give him a bike and the beamer, make al your dread venerable and loose the dev squad since you have enough heavy firepower.

in all honesty if you have dreads that are not either venerable or ironclad they should not be on the table as thier performance will be far lower and they will not likely survive.
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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