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Pre-Heresy Ultramarines 7th Company [1500pts].
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Default Re: Pre-Heresy Ultramarines 7th Company [1500pts].

From what I can see it seems like a solid list. I'm just curious as to why you split up the scouts weapons half bolter half SR? I'm assuming its to have them still be able to contribute in a turn that they've moved?
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Default Re: Pre-Heresy Ultramarines 7th Company [1500pts].

I feel that Sniper Rifles are of limited value against 'horde' targets... and, indeed, against fellow Marines. The Sniper Rifles are intended to threaten high-Toughness targets, or to provide long-range support. Where the Scouts need to engage at closer ranges, I'd prefer Bolters.

Plus, as the squad is ten models strong, they can form Combat Squads. This gives me a 5-man Sniper Team to hold an objective on my side of the board, and a 5-man Strike Team to support my advance.
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