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1,500 point Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion
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Default 1,500 point Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion

Over in the Project Blogs board, I started a Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion army, and I posted a list of what I have there.

However, I want to bring this up to 1,500 points, so this is what I have come up with.


Captain: 130
-Power weapon, storm shield

Command Squad: 195
-Apothecary with narthicium, bolt pistol, chainsword
-Company Champion with power weapon, bolt pistol, combat shield
-Company Banner with bolt pistol, chainsword
-Veteran with flamer
-Veteran with bolt pistol, chainsword
-Rhino: storm bolter


Tactical Squad: 235
-10 men, meltagun, heavy bolter, power weapon, bolt pistol
-Rhino: storm bolter

Tactical Squad: 245
-10 men, plasma gun, plasma cannon, power weapon, bolt pistol
-Rhino: storm bolter

Tactical Squad: 235
-10 men, meltagun, multi-melta, power weapon, bolt pistol
-Rhino: storm bolter


Dreadnought: 125
-Assault cannon, missile launcher


Assault Squad: 145
-5 men, plasma pistol, power weapon, plasma pistol


Devastator Squad: 190
-5 men, 2 lascannons, 2 missile launchers, bolter, chainsword

Updated, exactly 1,500 now.
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