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1750 Pts Marine List, advice needed
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Default 1750 Pts Marine List, advice needed


I usually play Tau, but have been tempted to revisit my marines. I haven't played marines since early 3rd edition, where I used a assault based army using the rules for space wolves, therefore I have loads of marines with close combat weapon and pistol (which I could easily use to convert an assault marine squad by adding a jump pack). I also have the following vehicles: Predator (lascannons), whirlwind, vindicator, dreadnaught (with a close combat arm, plasma cannon and also a spare assault cannon arm), landspeeder (multi-melta), 3 rhinos.

Anyway below is a list I came up with. Any advice or critism would be appreciated as I haven't played marines in so long and this list will play totally differently to my previous army.

Librarian - 100 pts
Powers: Null Zone, Gate of Infinity

[he helps against annoying units with invul saves, eg. avatars, terminators etc., and gives some surprise mobility]

6 Assault Terminators - 240 pts
4 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields, 2 Lightning Claws

[the teleport homer and locator beacon with my first tactical squad will help this squad deepstrike safely]

10 man Tactical Squad in Drop Pod - 270 pts
Squad: Multi-melta, Meltagun
Serg: Powerfist and Combi-melta, Teleport homer
Drop Pod: Locator Beacon

[these deepstrike and try to nail an important tank, and hopefully the terminators and/or assault marines deepstrike to reinforce them]

10 man Tactical Squad with Razorback - 225 pts
Squad: Plasma Cannon, Plasmagun
Razorback: Twin-linked Heavy Bolters

10 man Tactical Squad with Razorback - 225 pts
Squad: Plasma Cannon, Plasmagun
Razorback: Twin-linked Heavy Bolters

[these two squads form part of my firebase, and depending on the mission will split with the heavy and special weapons staying on foot while the rest goes in the razorback, maybe joined by the librarian]

5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles - 75 pts

[I've never used these before, are they any good ?]

10 man Assault Marines Squad - 215 pts
Serg: Powerfist

[another combat threat that can either split up to contest objectives, or support the terminators]

8 man Devastor Squad - 198 pts
4 Missile launchers

[This unit completes the firebase]

Vindicator - 115 pts

Whirlwind - 85 pts

[These two tanks seem excellent, the blast template threat from each seem really good for their cost]

Total Pts: 1748
Models: 65
Max scoring units: 7
Min Kill Pts: 13

I've really tried to minimise the amount spent on wargear to fit more men in the list, eg. no reinforced armour, special weapons for the assault marines, or powerfists in the last two tactical squads. Have I gone to far, and what should I lose to fit these upgrades in ?

Have I got enough anti-tank in the list ? It seems I could struggle with heavy tanks outside of combat (or am I just missing railguns )

Two units I liked the look of but couldn't fit in the list, was 1 or 2 landspeeders with mutli-meltas to help against tanks, and an ironclad dreadnaught in a drop pod. What do you think of these units, and are they better than any unit I've put in my list ?

Are the razorbacks essential for giving the required mobility to the tactical squads for objective claiming, or are they easy kill pts ? I could lose both razorbacks and the scouts to give me 155 pts, probably enough to fit in the iconclad dreadnaught (however that would be without a drop pod).

Any advice on the list would be great.


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Default Re: 1750 Pts Marine List, advice needed

My advice would be to drop the scouts, as 5 sniper rifles are overrated. Sure rending is nice, but with the new bad BS scouts, they don't hit as well anymore. Not to mention you have plenty of mounted scoring units. I would recommend using the leftover points to upgrade your librarian to an epistolary, because he can use null zone, and his force weapon in the same turn. And on a slightly cheaper note, taking Vanguard veterans would take advantage of your beacons, because they can assault the turn you arrive. Good Luck!
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Default Re: 1750 Pts Marine List, advice needed

Looks like a solid list, alot more flexible than mine. I havent tried scouts yet but i would drop them as they seem out of place in your army. I would use the points to buy your librarian a......um......shit weres my codex.........a damit i swear to god the thing phases in and out of reality......anyway, you can check if you have the points but I would get terminator armour and a storm shield for the librarian and join him with the assault termies. This will bring alot of shots against them though so you should drop lightning claw termies and gate of infinity causes would on friendly squad members when librarian uses it so maybe get smite instead, it's almost like having a free assault cannon in your squad and will help to weaken your enemy once you get there. Anyway, those are my ideas.

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Default Re: 1750 Pts Marine List, advice needed

I would suggest shooty Terminators over Assault Terminators, as Assault Terminators are slow and deep striking a large unit with Gate of Infinity is asking for trouble. Alternatively, you could drop 5 Terminators to get a Land Raider transport for them. Also scouts should get the heavy bolter, as it is quite good, and camo cloaks make them hard to shift off of objectives. You might want to drop the assault squad and get a second vindicator too.
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Default Re: 1750 Pts Marine List, advice needed

id give the sniper scouts a teleport homer, they are bound to attract attention. then deep strike ur assault terminators on top of them. They will be much less likely to deviate and assuming you have placed your snipers well, they will be easily able to get into assault quickly. However, this is based on the assumption that the enemy will attack your snipers.. which they probably will as they can easily take out enemy characters, light vehicles, and can pin squads down. This wont always work so you need to be a little flexible. But I would never use assault terminators in any other way than deep striking... its kind of what they were made for! (Lysander's speciality is leading deep striking assault marine squads into the midst of the enemy)

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