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Green VS grey-batrep with pics
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Default Green VS grey-batrep with pics

I only got one game of 40K in saturday due to spending most of the game time on a huge classic battletech game and some infinity.

The one game i did get into was as follows-

.kill points
.table quarters

I changed my list up a bit for some play testing. i removed the drop pods and walked my iron clads.since they were walking i switched out an arm for a hurricane bolter. the left over points went into a CC scout squad in a land speeder storm with heavy flamer.

MY green foe brought 3 trukks with boys, 2 big mobs and some support in the form of zap guns, lobbas and cannons.

Panzer brigade wins first turn-

Turn 1-

Iron clads advance!
turn one things were looking up, i popped 2 trukks and my iron clads survived return fire with only the loss of one weapon arm the MOTF was nice enough to repair before the dread charged headlong into CC.

Turn 2
So many power claws....so many attacks
i really hate FNP especially on nob squads inch:
i was having a hard time killing much of anything in squads with a doc. several of the squads had 3 or 4 nobs with klaws in them, but i figured its an ironclad and i got the charge, he needs 6's to really hurt me.......he was only hitting with like 2 or 3 attacks out of like 9 :sweat:

Every time he rolled for armor pen he got at least one 6...usually a 5 and a 6 and sometime multiple 6's and then he did it again for results......dice on fire, i lost 1 dread this turn and the others both got immobilized and weapon destroyed.

With the dread to my left gone in one turn it left my tech exposed and he quickly got jumped and clawed to death. i also lost some tac marines from some grot battery fire-zap guns and the like.

Turn 3
My scouts still do not want to come to the fight.
i manage to make the zap guns run away, i lost a second iron clad and sent my assault squad out o deal with the nobs...i lost the entire unit. i was wearing them down with fire but i just could not stop that unit.

I lost a couple more tac marines to return fire and a venerable dread got stunned.

Turn 4

i threw the stunned venerable at the CC the last ironclad was hold up in, but it died....darn magic 6s the ironclad lost all but a single HK missile i had never fired. my scouts came in and with a little flamer support from the storm, took out the grot lobba unit.

In the ork turn a second venerable fell to cannon fire, and i lost all the tac marines. leaving me with a single ironclad in CC, a single venerable, 10 scouts that were about to be assaulted by those nobs, and the scouts with their storm on the other side of the table.

Green tide indeed, there was no way i could slow it down let alone stop it...i conceded the game at the top of 5

I'm thinking mabey i should have not charged the ironclads in and just kept up the shooting from range...mabey backing up as i went. perhaps i could have thinned their numbers some first.

Thank for viewing.
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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