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League Army List (Blood Angels)
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Default League Army List (Blood Angels)

Chaplain Lemartes 125

Wobba (Furiso Dreadnought) 100+50
Drop Pod (50)

Heavy Support 85
Whirlwind 85

Heavy Support 100+25+10=135
Baal Predator 100
PMS 10
Heavy Bolters 25

Troops#1 140+25+110=165
Assault Squad
Jump Packs
Power Fist (25)

Troops#2 140+15+110=160
Assault Squad
Jump Packs
Power Sword (15)
Melta Bombs (5)

Troops#3 115+75+20=200
+5 Men (75)
Rocket Launcher (10)
Melta Gun (10)

Troops#4 115+75+15+15=210
+5 Men (75)
Plasma Rifle (15)
Plasma Cannon (15)

Death Company 30+25=55
Free 4 Jump Packs 25
Paid 1x30

Totals 1285, my next league game I'm allowed 1309 for my points total and I have 1 elites slot, 1 hq slot, and 2 heavy support slots. (Weird League rules)

I also have the option to upgrade 1 unit (any unit) with a veteran ability for no extra points cost. I'm thinking of trying to add infiltate or scouts to the death company but other suggestions are welcome.

I'm wondering if I should drop the Melta Bombs from Troops#2 and add Death Company onto Wobba, Sometime I'll take pics of him and post them on one of the threads.

I don't know what my next opponents army is yet but once I find that out I'll post it to.

My last opponent was eldar, hence why I took the whirlwind...sad fact...it didn't kill 1 thing...yay scatter and forgetting to fire it...
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Default Re: League Army List (Blood Angels)

The troops point toatls are worng and do not do them indivually its ip stuff. For example no 135 + 40 + 15 just to make up some random numbers.. For blood angels its plasma gun not plasma rifle . to use at least. The list is low on antitank. You should take some multimelta attack bikes as fast attack unless there is no fast attack two of them. I do not think the whirlwind is really nesecary a lot of your army list can take hordes.

edit dang I messed up I thought you were paying for the jump packs silly me.
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Default Re: League Army List (Blood Angels)

Sir, PLEASE do not post points values, it is GW IP, and if you continue to do so somebody may be thrown in jail, or threatened.

However, I do have some comments on your list:

-Get some upgrades on the dread, venerable and Extra armor make it just so much better.

-Take off the whirlwind, they never seem to do anything every time I've seen them used so they're really a point sink... and you could use that Heavy slot for another Pred or something.

-Take of the PMS, your baal predator need not have that time of month :P
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