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Blood Angels Kill Team List
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Default Blood Angels Kill Team List

I've never played Kill Team before, but my local hobby store is running a tournament next month, and after reading the rules in the 4th edition rulebook, I came up with this list. Using the newest Blood Angels rules.

Scout Squad-80pts
vet w/power weapon-15pts
scout w/heavy bolter-15pts
scout w/combat weapon
scout w/shotgun
scout w/shotgun

vet assault w/thunderhammer-55pts

tactical marine w/flamer-20pts

And then I gave the team the Red Shirt(5pts.) and Backstabbers(10pts) specialist kits. This list comes out to 200pts.

I know this list breaks the Rules outlined for Kill team in the book, but the tourney is running with modified rules. Each team can be 200pts. There must be a base unit which the minimum required models are taken for. Models with two wounds are allowed. Those were the major changes.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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