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[batrep] 2k panzers (DIY) VS bike eldar
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Default [batrep] 2k panzers (DIY) VS bike eldar

Got a friend of mine switching over to an all bike eldar army. we gave it a go against my DIY marine chapter.

His list
farseer(not eldrad :blink: ) on bike
X2 guardian bike squads
X2 harlequin squads
X2 shining spear squads
X2 fire prisms
X1 wraithlord

My list
X1 full tac squad flamer/powerfist
X1 full scout sniper team
X3 venerable las/missile dreads
X1 5 man assault squad, flamer, power weapon, storm shield
X3 podding ironclads with the works

3 objectives

i won the roll and made my opponent go first.

Turn 1

As with DOW we spent alot of time trying o see each other and little else.
2 pods land, one goes after some harlies, the other after some shining spears bikes. mostly just killed harlies.

Turn 2
. snipers went to work on his wraithlord and killed it since his avatar hid like a little girl on turn 1.

He almost assaulted me with harlies until i reminded him S3 +rending =bad VS AV 13 so they moved away and thee avatar came out to play.
his prisms scatter badly while shooting at dreads, the spear bikers to my left turbo away from the dread,

my 3rd dread came in and i was hoping to land in front of a big cluster of harlies that had moved away from the ironclad...bad scatter moved me 12" back toward my lines

Turn 3
shot at and got my tac marines assaulted by shining spears, i stunned a prism duked it out with his avatar and lost, lost 1 scout from shooting and most of the tac squad in CC.

Turn 4
harlies assault and make the MOTF very dead....and they consolidate 1" my jump squad, tac squad and ironclad dread shoot them till only 1 remain in each unit and then the assaults and ironclad assault...no more harlies for you. the tacs on my left are joned by the nearby dread while the venerable on my far left rough it up with the other spears. i immobilize one prism

Turn 5
he kills the pod nearest him contesting an objective, the avatar goes after another ironclad and locks him up in CC, the 3rd ironclad moves slowly out of cover, i loose a tac marine in the fortified building to prism fire. dreads to my left/right flanks continue to play with shining spears. the ones to my left break and run. i stun the mobile prism.

at turn 5 i hold the only objective.....game continues....

Turn 6
realsiing his situation he charges the mobile stunned prism 36 to contest my objective and moves bikes to get the others. turn 6 sees him kill another ironclad and neuter a second pod. i fail to get the prism off my objective or manage to break either bike unit on his.

Game ends-
last minute objective grab wins the game.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: [batrep] 2k panzers (DIY) VS bike eldar

I'm definatly liking your all dread list! very sweet to see and must be great to play!

if your friend is playing 2k eldar bikes, why not get a seer council unit on them? they're fearsome indeed!
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Default Re: [batrep] 2k panzers (DIY) VS bike eldar

Nice Batrep and great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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