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Mechanized - 1000pts - Competitive
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Default Mechanized - 1000pts - Competitive


Just a random list I think I might use in casual gaming,
any particular pointers?


Shrike @195pts
Jumppack, Raven's Talons, Iron Halo


Tactical Squad (10+1) @235pts
9 Marines, Meltagun, Heavy Bolter
1 Sergeant, Powerfist, BP
1 Rhino, Smokes, SB

Tactical Squad (10+1) @235pts
9 Marines, Meltagun, Heavy Bolter
1 Sergeant, Powerfist, BP
1 Rhino, Smokes, SB


Assault Squad (8) @179pts
7 Marines, CCW + BP
1 Sergeant, Powerfist

Heavy Support

Predator @85pts
Autocannon, Heavy Bolters

Predator @85pts
Autocannon, Heavy Bolters
4th Ed Win/Loss ratio
Win: 305
Draw: 71
Loss: 112
Total: 488 games

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