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Space Marine Army WIP
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Default Space Marine Army WIP

This is going to be my Apocalypse Army(but I lack 500 points) so for now, this is my "Apocalypse without super heavies that allow any points) army.

Ultramarines second Company


Marneus Calgar: Armour of Antilochus, 265 points

Chaplain Cassius: 125 points

Cato Sicarius: 200 points

Librarian: Epistolary, 150 points

Chaplain: Digital Weapons, Terminator Armour, Stormbolter, 140 points

Command Squad: 4 Veterans, 1 Apotherary, Company Standard, Company Champion, Meltagun 140 points


Terminator Squad: 1 Terminator Sergeamt, 9 terminators, Assault Cannon, 430 points

Dreadnought: Extra Armour, Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, 160 points

Dreadnought: Extra Armour, 120 points

Fast Attack:

Assault Marine: 4 Space Marines, 1 Sergeant, Melta Bomb for Sergeant, Plasma Pistol for Sergeant, Power axe for Sergeant, 135 points


Tactical Squad: 9 Marines, 1 Sergeant, Flamer, Missile Launcher, 170 points

Tactical Squad: 9 Marines, 1 Sergeant, Fmaler, Missile Launcher, 170 points

Tactical Squad, 7 Marines, 1 Sergeant, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, 169

Heavy Support:

Land raider: Extra Armour, Hunter Killer Missile, 275

2529 points
Ork Statistiks:
Games played: 7
Games won: 0
Games lost: 6(We'll be bak! we'z neva lose!)
Games tied: 1

Imperial Guard Statistics:
Games played: 4
Games won: 2
Games lost: 1
Games tied: 1
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