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[BatRep] Rolling Thunder, 1600pts Space Wolves vs Armored Company
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Default [BatRep] Rolling Thunder, 1600pts Space Wolves vs Armored Company

Battle Report: Rolling Thunder


Sitting around chatting at the local hobby shop today an experienced Guard player was re-introducing a friend to the hobby letting him use his fairly extensive Imperial Guard army, after the experienced player won a game he set up to play his friend but after chatting and mentioning I had my wolves with me we wound up having my Wolves facing his inexperienced friend while the experienced player gave advice and instructions and I would be playing my Infantry Wolves against an Armored Company with no less than 6 Battlecannons, a Bombard cannon I believe and I have no clue what the last tank was but it fired a small blast and I got a save from it so... *shrug* not sure. All of the tanks had ace loaders which meant I was facing an incredible ammount of ordance that without some nice cover saves was fully capable of errasing my army from the board in a single round of shooting, I was considering just letting that happen and giving the inexperienced player a win but I changed my mind figuring something crazier and likely more amusing was in order and in the end a lot more fun. We agreed to 1600 points and the game was on!

Wolf Lord Silvar Stormblade watched the tank company crunching it's way through the suburbs of the outer hive district. The Thraxian 83rd had turned to the foul powers of Chaos and the Regiment's tank company was blasting it's way through their former comrades. Already thousands were dead as the tanks rampaged through the rear of the Imeperial lines, using the narrow crowded and uncharted streets of the outer hive districts to keep their pursuers confused and unbalanced. Slowly but surely the Thraxian tanks were being destroyed but this group of eight tanks was the command group of the traitor colonel and included the Company's most veteran and skilled crews.

The Space Wolves had been unable to bring down the majority of the Company or their armor from orbit yet, but the traitors needed to be stopped and there were more ways to bring down a foe than with guns and tanks.

"You're not seriously considering charging them are you?" Wolf Guard Battle Leader Frostmourne asked staring at the mighty tanks drawing ever nearer through the shanty district.

"Of course I am and I have every intention of destroying every last one of those monstrosities," Silvar replied turning to regard his Lieutenant with a wry grin. "At least it will be unexpected."

Frostmourne juts shook his head and drew his Frost Axe from his back. "Very well, lets get to it then."

The Space Wolves slunk through the ruined buildings of the shanty towards their target, Imperial Tacticians would classify such a mission as suicide but to the Wolves of Fenris it was just another hunt, and one with every expectation of success.

Army List's

Space Wolves Stormblade Great Company

Wolf Lord Silvar Stormblade
-Frost Blade, Bolt Pistol, Runic Armor, Belt of Russ, Wolfy bits.

Wolf Priest Greimund Wolf Totem
-Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, HP&B, Wolfy bits.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader Daelin Frostmourn
-Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter, Frost Blade, Wolfy bits.

Grey Hunter Pack Freyald (10)
-Melta Gun, Power Fist, Bolters, Frags
-Pack Leader Freyald, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Grey Hunter Pack Reikald (10)
-Melta Gun, Power Fist, Frags, Bolters
-Pack Leader Reikald, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Blood Claw Pack Haegar (15)
-Power Fist, Power Weapons x2, Flamer
-Pack Leader Haegar, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Blood Claw Pack Elysan (15)
-Power Fist, Power Weapons x2
-Pack Leader Elysan, Power Fist, Bolt Pisol, Frags

Scout Pack Haelvarn (5)
-Meltagun, Frags
-Pack Leader Haelvarn Power Fist Bolt Pistol, Frags

Thraxian 83rd Armored Company

Command Leman Russ
-Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Lascannon, Ace Loaders

Leman Russ Squadron

Command Tank Leman Russ
-Small Blast Cannon of some kind, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Lascannon, Ace Loaders

Leman Russ
-Lascannon, Ace Loaders

Leman Russ
-Lascannon, Ace Loaders

Leman Russ Squadron

Command Tank Leman Russ
-Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Lascannon, Ace Loaders

Leman Russ
-Lacannon, Ace Loaders

Leman Russ
-Lascannon, Ace Loaders

Bombard (I think) Tank (substituted Vindicator)

58 Wolves vs 8 Tanks, or in other words 3 Melta Guns and 9 Power Fists vs 7 Ordanance and 1 Blast weapon... ugh.


The mission was Annihilate with Victory Points not Kill Points.

The Thraxian Armored Company won the roll to deploy first and did placing the bombard in the middle with three Leman Russ' to it's right and four to it's left all hugging the table edge to stay as far from the approaching wolves as possible.

The Space Wolves had both Grey Hunter squads on the left mixed together and the two Blood Claws on the right, same setup deployed as far forward as possible with Lord Stormblade and Priest Greimund attatched to each pack. The Wolf Scouts stayed in Reserve to OBEL and Battle Leader Daelin went with the Grey Hunters.

Game Begins

Turn 1

Space Wolves
That's right despite the Guard choosing to go first the Space Wolves managed to sieze the initiative! I never thought that would work but I lucked out.

Basically everyone moved forward then ran, averaging about 5 Inches each phase for 10 total for every unit, I was remarkably lucky that all the movements managed to balance out somehow. Nothing else happened.

Thraxian 83rd
The Bombard rolled forward and towards the Blood Claws and several other tanks shifted forward slightly to line up shots and all let rip with their weaponry. The Wolves benefited from the grossly cheesy but sadly necessary 4+ cover from intermixed units as well as cover saves from intervening cover between them and the enemy. Nevertheless lots of Wolves fell, 3 Grey Hunters and 7 Blood Claws dropped to the sheer number of ordanance blasts pounding them, without their cover saves I have no doubt the whole army would have been wiped out then and there. The wolves passed their leadership and gritted their fangs, ready to get revenge for their losses.

Turn 2

Space Wolves
The Wolf Scouts luckily came in from reserves and came out behind the two Leman Russ tanks roughly at the middle of the Guard deployment zone, hitting one with the melta and their bolt pistols immobolizing and stunning it. Then they charged into combat while all the other Wolves continued to advance forward doggedly, two of the scouts could not make contact with the target tank and both tanks were so close they were touching so the scouts engaged the second tank, the first was destroyed by the Wolf Guard Pack Leader's Power Fist exploding but failing to kill any Wolves and the scouts engaged with the other managed to blow off both guns and immobolize it, effectively knocking the tank out of the game.

Thraxian 83rd
Shocked by the sudden arrival of the scouts and the loss and incapacitation of two tanks the Guard player held on and continued to lob high explosive shells at the Space Wolves. The Bombard tank decided to gun and run between the two advancing Space Wolf attack groups trying to put some distance and get behind them, hopefully to shell the survivors to death after they ran out of tanks to destroy in front of them. Shooting saw almost a dozen Wolves drop from the Grey Hunter and Blood Claw units though the Scouts miraculously weathered the few shots sent there way chuckling. Two of the tanks to the Space Wolves left flank advanced to get better shots placing themselves in harms way in a gamble to break the Wolves however the Wolves all passed their checks and continued to advance.

Turn 3

Space Wolves
This is where the chaos began, the Scouts moved out of their wrecked tank cover to line up a shot on the rear armor of one of the advancing tanks, the Grey Hunters moved into the building infront fo them and prepared shots on side armor and to charge. The Blood Claws advanced and charged into combat. After a flurry of gunfire and explosions no less than four enemy tanks had been destroyed, two of them exploding. The enemy had now lost 5 of his 8 tanks and one was useless. However the explosions accounted for almost half a dozen Wolves caught in the firey explosion. Cassualties were mounting for both sides fast but the fight was not over yet.

Thraxian 83rd
The last two tanks decided to hold their ground and fight back. The remaining Russ on the far left fired at the Grey Hunters who had consolidated back into cover and here was the most amusing moment of the game. In a moment of brilliant ordanance fire the tank shell scattered right back ontop of the tank that fired it, getting a penetrating 6 and exploding the tank though thankfully no wolves were killed in the explosion. The Bombard fired and brought down another half dozen Wolves or so from the Blood Claws.

Turn 4

Space Wolves
The Grey Hunters, Wolf Scouts and Blood Claws all advanced on the remaining tank but it's turn of flight had taken it a ways away and none reached range to destroy it and the one melta in range was unable to damage the tank.

Thraxian 83rd
The last tank the Bombard backed up one inch and fired it's gun taking out yet more wolves.

Turn 5

Space Wolves
The Blood Claws and Wolf Scouts reached the Bombard and the Grey Hunters reached Melta range, all 3 Meltas fired managing to immobolize the tank and then the charge caused yet another explosion that yet again killed about 3 Wolves but at last the Armored Company was wiped out.

Victory to the Wolves!


So the Wolves were victorious and the game was incredibly funny, fully 6 of the 8 Tanks exploded on penetrating 6's and 4 of those explosions took down Wolves. Almost as many Space Wolves died to explosions as died to ordanance fire. All told the Wolves lost the following:

13/20 Grey Hunters
22/30 Blood Claws
0/5 Scouts
0/3 Characters

Still about 33 of 58 Space Wolves bit the dust during the battle. Extensive cassualties that made the Guard player feel quite satisfied, in the end the game was a ton of fun, every turn had something happen that caused a ton of laughs and everyone had a good time.

Space Wolf MVP
Gotta say it was the Wolf Scouts, they accounted for 3 of the 8 Vehicles by themselves and lost not a single one of their number, go Scouts!

Thraxian 83rd MVP
The Leman Russ that destroyed itself, nothing was anywhere near as funny as that single event, especially since just before it happened we'd been saying it could and wouldn't that be funny and then... it did happen. The Bombard came in a close second especially since it even managed to take out more Wolves with it's death.

This game now means my Wolves are 7 for 7, not a huge number I know but they're one of my newest armies and I haven't been able to get in many games but so far I'm very happy with the performance of the army so far.

Lord Silvar stood atop the smoking husk of a traitor tank, the Wolves of the Great Company still on their feet stood around the wreck, the rest of the traitor Armored Company burnt out wrecks or scrap filled craters. Wolf Lord Silvar Stormblade threw back his head and howled, raising Valten's Fang above his head. The wolves of his Company followed his lead and howled their victory into the darkening sky. Their howls echoing for miles around letting all know that the Sons of Russ, the Wolves of Fenris were victorious this day.

Silvar lowered his blade and pointed it to the Blood Claws. "Go and dig our brothers out of the rubble who are stuck. He turned the blade to point at Wolf Priest Greimund and the remaining Grey Hunters, seek out our wounded brethren and aid them, collect the gene-seed of those who are beyond aid and now stand at Russ and the All-father's side."

The wolves scattered to obey their Lord's bidding.

"Daelin and Haelvarn, search these wrecks for iconography especially name plates, let us take some trophies to return to the Great Wolf, and perhaps some to send to the traitors and inform them of what happens to those who stray from the Emperor's light," Silvar said to the few wolves still before him a wide grin revealing his prominent fangs.

As the final group left to search the wrecked tanks Silvar turned to watch the setting son. More than a few battle-brothers had given their lives this day, but the threat to the Imperial defences had been eliminated and the civilians in the hive were relatively safe once again. Whether it was worth the cost in lives only time would tell but by Russ the heretics would all die for their crimes, one way, or another.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Rolling Thunder, 1600pts Space Wolves vs Armored Company

Nice Bat Rep. Reminds me that I still need to fear Outflankers especially those of the Space Wolves's Scouts and Orks's Boss Snikrot. And Battle Leader Frostmourne? WC3 reference?
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Default Re: [BatRep] Rolling Thunder, 1600pts Space Wolves vs Armored Company

Nice batrep, a battle with that many casualties must have been fun if only because that means it was evenly matched up to a point.

Didn't know you liked WC3 that much, or is it a coincidence???
I bet I have more hobbies than you do.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Rolling Thunder, 1600pts Space Wolves vs Armored Company

No it is not a Warcraft 3 Reference, when I was coming up with names Frostmourne just popped into my head without actually realising the reference. Didn't remember till I looked it up on google.

Though I did buy and play WC3 after playing World of Warcraft and wanting to know what on earth all the plot lines were referencing.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Rolling Thunder, 1600pts Space Wolves vs Armored Company

Great Batrep Vash, and congratulations for winning.

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