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Straight from the Codex; the Salamanders of Page 106
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Default Straight from the Codex; the Salamanders of Page 106

I figured I'd see whether the list they pictured could work... so here it is.

Salamander Strike Force 'Magma Storm'

Captain Xanatos:
Combi Bolter-Melta.
Relic Blade.
Digital Weapons.

Librarian Heskate:
Librarian with Force Dome and Might of The Ancients.

Ancient Takon:
Dreadnought with Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer.

Ancient Garos:
Dreadnought with Twin-Linked Lascannon and Heavy Flamer.

Squad Draco:
Veteran Sergeant with Bolter.
Marine with Missile Launcher.
Marine with Flamer.
7 Marines with Bolters.

Squad Komodo:
Veteran Sergeant with Bolter.
Marine with Multi-Melta.
Marine with Flamer.
7 Marines with Bolters.

Land Speeder:

Thunderfire Cannon:

Land Raider Redeemer:

Devastator Squad Infernus:
Veteran Sergeant with Bolter.
2 Marines with Missile Launcher.
2 Marines with Multi-Melta.
5 Marines with Bolter.

Total: 1,500pts.
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