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[Batrep] Angels Sysphus
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Default [Batrep] Angels Sysphus

This is not so much batreps as a progress report on my Angels Sysphus. I played the pink marines a number of times since acquiring and adding to them and here is a description some of the lists and battles.

The Pink Floyd Marines vs. Orks

The Angels Sysyphus

Captain Pow R. Toc H. - 115
Combi Plasma, Melta Bombs
w/Command Squad - 175
Careful With That Axe, Eugene Apothecary,
Champion Atom Heart
Corporal Clegg Standard Bearer,
"The Post War Dream", Vets, Plasma(2)
Razorback, TL Heavy Bolter,"Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk" - 40

"Welcome to the Machine"
Dreadnought - 140
Heavy Flamer, Plasma Cannon, Xtra Armour

"Dogs of War"
Tactical Squad (10) - 185
Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon
Rhino,"Bring the Boys Back Home" - 35

Tactical Squad (10) - 190
Plasma Gun, Lascannon

"Pigs On The Wing "
Assault Squad (6) 140
Power Fist

Vindicator, "A New Machine (Part 1)" - 115

Vindicator, "A New Machine (Part 2)" - 115

He was playing a full Nob Biker squad - thank goodness for that as I had plenty of plasma and two Vindicators ... His mob squads were hard to deal with as I needed to take the bikes out quickly so I had to sacrifice a squad to hold up a mob of boys and needed to take on a trukk mob with my HQ which was not to bad as my assault squad joined in for the second combat round. I just eked out a win. The amount of plasma and the two Vindies were winners and the Dread was not half bad either. Nob bikers will fall to plasma and Vindies quickly and I have plenty.
Analysis .
Thankfully he was playing KoS and not horde although I think the Vindies would have hurt horde a bit as well. I was surprised that he did not target the Vindicators earlier but rather gave me the opppotrtunity to block off his advance with my other squads. The Dreadnought also held up quite well as Orks rreally do not have any dedicated anti-tank other then power klaw nobs and inaccurate rokkits. I made it difficult for my opponent to use his speed effectively by sitting and moving back and making him come to me. My rhino, razorback and assault squads were able to pick their spots effectively and I did not allow him to isolate units which I know was his plan. I castled my slower squads so that he had tpo move through my Dread and Tacs to get at the Vindicators.

The Pink Floyd Marines vs. Tyranids

The Angels Sysyphus

My list ...

Chaplain 'Arnold Layne' - 130
Terminator Armour

Assault Terminators (5), 'The Mudmen' - 200
TH/SS(3), LC(2)

"Several Species Of Small Furry Animals
Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict"
Scout Squad (5) - 115
4 Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks, Teleport Homer

"Dogs of War"
Tactical Squad (10) - 185
Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon
Rhino,"Bring the Boys Back Home" - 35

Tactical Squad (10) - 190
Plasma Gun, Lascannon

"Pigs On The Wing "
Assault Squad (7) - 161
Power Fist

Vindicator, "A New Machine (Part 1)" - 115

Vindicator, "A New Machine (Part 2)" - 115

His list ...
Twin walking Tyrants
Scuttling Stealers
Two Boomfexes
One Gunfex

A proviso ... I took no notes ... this is from memory so their might be a few inconsistencies

This was much trickier than I had anticipated. I really was not sure where to place my Vindicators as they needed to be far enough away from the table edges to avoid the stealers' outflanking movement. I also did not need to get them assaulted by the Carnies. They have such a short range. I decided to place them pretty central and forward in the end hoping to get a few shots of. I had them flank my Rhino squad. My assault squad went on the left flank and my other tac squad perched on an objective that was not close to the table edge. My scouts were close by the tac squad in cover. The terminators were waiting to DS to the scouts' homer beacon.
He moved everything forward and let loose with all his dakka. Boy do those Barbed Stranglers miss their targets. Unfortunately his VC hit one Vindie. His Tyrants were moving up to shoot their devourers and that put them in range of my plasma and pother Vindie.
My turn ... woot ther Snipers despite their BS actually rend the Carnie and my assault squad hits the other carnie. Gotta love PFs. The Vindie does damage to one Tyrant and guard and my plasmas open up on another Fex actually taking it down. The Lascanno squad also hits a Carnie. So far so good. My rhino is protecting my troops and I'm set up nicely.
One squad of stealers moves in from the board edge but cannot reach the Tac marines. More devourer shots and some dead marines in my forward tac squad but they hold. The Tyrant is going to assault my plasma squad if I do not take it out.
I get my termies in! They are blocking the approach to the tac squad. I'm waiting to see how the stealers will deal with them as they will get the charge! I decide not to shoot the stealers but lay all my dakka on the fexes and Tyrant. One more fex down and one tyrant gone. The remnants of my tac squad guard the approach to the last vindie from the remaining Tyrant and Fex. My assault squad goes after that aforementioned Tyrant.
More stealers arrive. The first group charges the termies and the second group heads for my tac squad on the objective. The tyrant shoots the Klkn out Tac squad and assaults them. Down they go. The Fex does to the assault squad leaders PF but I have now lost two members of the squad. Woot. Unbelievable ... I lose only one termie and I take out the whole stealer squad. I'm still blocking access to the tac squad!
My Vindie takes out half the second squad of stealers. Wow ... it is still alive! My tac squad with the rhino falls to the Tyrant and their goes my plasma but the Tyrant has taken a two wounds already and one guard is down. Boy are those walking Tyrants tough. They eat a lot of firepower! I have a tough choice ... go after the Tyrant with my Assault squad or have the Assault squad back up my Snipers and Tac squad. I decide to move the assault squad back to my troops.
Third and final stealer squad arrives ... Tyrant assaults my Vindie. He holds back his second half squad of stealers ( he thinks to have both squads assault in tandem ... this was a bad move on his part.
I still have a tac squad with plas/las, all my snipers and my Termies. Both my sniper and tac squad pummel the third stealer squad and my termies and assault squad charge the stealers in squad two. You guessed it ... stealers are gone in short order. So now I have a few dead termies, an assault squad that is down to half strength a tac squad and some snipers left. He has about six stealers and a walking tyrant who will be assaulting next turn trying to contest the objective.
His stealers go after the termies and his tyrant charges my tac squad after another volley of Devourer shots. Again my chaplain and termies handle the stealers ... this time I lose a third terminator but am able to consolidate close to the tyrant. My tac squad evaporates and I know the Tyrant will go after the last troop choice ... my snipers ... next turn. Its all or nothing time. I shoot everything in the Sniper squad at the Tyrant and guard and the lone guard goes down. My assault and terminators and chaplain assault the Tyrant!
I wipe the Tyrant off the board ... I've lost four terminators, most of my assault squad and two tac squads. I can however claim the last objective with my scouts.

Analysis ...
Do not use Vindies against Nidzilla. I should have fielded a ten man dev squad with two lascannons and two heavy bolters and combat squaded them. The plasma was great again and the assault terminators were very good. The snipers although they did not do a lot of damage, won the game by sitting so close to the objective. My opponent made some very bad choices. He should never have outflanked his stealers. He should have shoot them up the table hoping to get a few cover saves and hit my troops earlier. His Tyrants were very tough but his Carnies did not perform well at all. Barbed Stranglers are great if they hit and pin but when they miss ... Overall I was pleased but it is not a list I would want against a good Zilla player with psychic screams and Zoanthropes. I got lucky.

The Pink Floyd Marines vs. Eldar

The Angels Sysphus

Librarian - 115
Force Weapon, Combi-Plasma, Gate of Infinity, Smite

"The Mudmen"
Assault Terminators (5) - 200
TH/SS(3), LC(2)

"Dogs of War"

Tactical Squad (10) - 175
Melta Gun, Heavy Bolter
Tactical Squad (10) - 180

"Several Species Of Small Furry Animals
Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict"
Scout Squad (7) - 147
6 Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks, Teleport Homer

"Point Me At The Sky"

Land Speeder - 90
Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter
Land Speeder - 90
Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter

Librarian Seamus gazed across the hilly and rough terrain. He could spot the damned Panzee forces gathering diagonally across from him on the plains. He was expecting them. He had already ordered his small furry animals with their camo cloaks and sniper rifles to hide in a ruins near the center of the field. He now sent his Dogs of War to strand along side them to slow the alien advance.

The scream of an alien craft could be heard moving towards his troops. Farther back he heard the retort of sniper rifles that were not his own and he could spot a large troop advancing with their leader up the field. He knew a alien psychic when he saw one. He sent his speeders down the flank to support his troops. The alien craft unloaded its cargo near the space marine snipers and fired upon the landspeeder blowing it to smithereens. The large troop squad of aliens double fired at his troops causing many casualties.

Seamus decided it was time. He dropped in suddenly with his Mudmen close to the alien rangers. His only speeder left fired at the disgorged occupants of the alien craft and then his marines fired upon them
and the strange creatures with their molten weaponry were gone. His snipers and other marine squad fired at the alien leader hiding in cover and wounded him sorely. From the sides rambling awkward looking walking alien war machines unleashed multiple salvos at Seamus and his Mudmen ... to no avail. They stood their ground.

Seamus could sense victory. His last Speeder fired at the rambling machines along with with lascannon and bolters from the remains of one his squads at the walkers. Seamus and his men jumped into attack and cut down the alien snipers. The Farseer and his his squad of avengers were targeted by the other Dogs of War and the furry little animals. Seamus and his men moved on to assault the second squad of Rangers and ther Fsarseer and his remaining squad attacjked the marines in cover in desperation. Two alien walkers blasted the speeder to smithereens. Seamus decided to join his marines in assault against the alien leader and the melee was soon done.

Seamus looked around him. He and most of his Mudmen and some of Dogs of War remained. Only two alien walkers and an immobilzed craft survived. They quickly fled the scene of battle. It was a glorious day for the Angels Sysphus.

I had no idea who my opponent would be and drew an Eldar list with only one serpent. He had four walkers, fire dragons, a wave serpent, rangers and dire avengers. It turned out that my lack of mobility was not a severe drawback and my range was enough to get the damage done on half the walkers pretty early. I was really happy with the one speeder that survived most of the game as it did a lot of damage for its points and the HB, Plsasma squad was very good as well. The libbie and terminators were the starsd though. Nothing hurt them. Nothing could stop them. I took out his fire warriors long before he had a chance to do damage to my Terminators.

Im sure there are more then a few errors as my memory is not as accurate as the notes I should I have taken! Hope you enjoyed the reports. As some of you probably know I've been fitting these games in between my exploits with my Dark Eldar (pink Dark Eldar, of course) so this will be the last of the Angel reports for a bit (at least a month or two) unless you people want more in which case I'll pull 'em out for a few more games.
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