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[BatRep] Shaken Brotherhood, 1740pt Space Wolves vs White Scars
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Default [BatRep] Shaken Brotherhood, 1740pt Space Wolves vs White Scars

Battle Report: Shaken Brotherhood


On the ruined Imperial world of Tharkus IV the Space Wolves of the Stormblade Great Company faced off against the vile warband of the Chaos Lieutenant Sclethor of the traitorous Red Corsairs, after a month of grueling combat the Space Wolves corned the last of the traitor marines and slaughtered them. Wolf Lord Silvar Stormblade personally beheaded the cursed Sclethor. Taking a week to lick their wounds and resupply the Wolves were surprised when a White Scars Strike Cruiser made orbit around the planet and a detatchment from the 3rd Brotherhood descended to the surface to confront the Wolves. Arrayed on the ruined steps of the Administratum complex in the capitol city of Hope's Landing the Space Wolves watched as almost thirty White Scars bikers roared down the road and stopped before them followed by a single Razorback and a trio of Land Speeders.

The lead biker dismounted and marched to the foot of the steps, drawing his sword and placing it point down in front of him, a neutral stance but one of readiness that set the Wolves hackles rising.

"I am Kor'sarro Khan, Master of the Hunt and Captain of he White Scars 3rd Brotherhood," the White Scar began. "I have sworn a solemn oath to return the head of the traitor Sclethor to Chogoris for his crimes against the White Scars."

"Unfortunately you are too late Khan," said Wolf Lord Stormblade as he descended halfway down the steps, drawing his Frost Sword Valten's Fang and placing it point down copying the pose of the White Scars Khan. "This blade has already taken the head of the traitor and it is a trophy of the Space Wolves, I will not hand over a war trophy of my Chapter without good cause."

"Honor demands I not leave his place without Sclethor's head," Kor'sarro said raising his sword in his right hand and pointing it at Silvar's chest. "Hand it over or I will be forced to take it by force."

"You should reconsider such a course of action Khan, it will not end well for anyone," Silvar answered motioning for the Space Wolves to keep their weapons holstered.

"My duty to my Chapter demands that we figh then Space Wolf, tommorrow at dawn in the east district outskirts away from the refugees, we will meet you there dogs," Kor'sarro said before turning and mounting his bike. With a flick of his sword the White Scars column split and wheeled about heading off towards their waiting thunderhawks.

"This fight will bring no honor Lord," Wolf Priest Greimund said walking down to join Silvar.

"No but the White Scars are as proud as we are, they will not reconsider and I cannot hand over that which is promised to the Great Wolf," Silvar responded. Seeing the look on Greimund's face he elaborated. "I swore to the Great Wolf that I would return with the traitor's head as part of the Vengeance for the Wolf of Fenris."

Greimund nodded, "then we must prepare to defend ourselves against our brethren, I will prepare the battle brothers for battle."

Army Lists

Silvar Stormblade's Great Company

Wolf Lord Silvar Stormblade
-Master-Crafted Frost Blade, Runic Armor, Belt of Russ, Bolt Pistol, Wolf Pelt, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Frags, Kraks, Wolf Tail Talisman, Runic Charm

Wolf Priest Greimund Wolf Totem
-Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Wolf Pelt, Frags, Kraks, Wolf Tail Talisman, Runic Armor, Healing Potions and Balms, Runic Charm

Wolf Guard Battle Leader Daelin Frostmourn
-Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter, Frost Blade, Wolf Pelt, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Runic Charm, Wolf Tail Talisman

Grey Hunter Pack Freyald (10)
-Melta Gun, Power Fist, Bolters, Frags
-Pack Leader Freyald, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Grey Hunter Pack Reikald (10)
-Melta Gun, Power Fist, Frags, Bolters
-Pack Leader Reikald, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Blood Claw Pack Haegar (16)
-Power Fist, Power Weapons x2, Flamer
-Pack Leader Haegar, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Blood Claw Pack Elysan (15)
-Power Fist, Power Weapons x2
-Pack Leader Elysan, Power Fist, Bolt Pisol, Frags

Long Fang Pack Aarkmund (5)
-Heavy Bolters x2, Lascannon x2, Bolter, Power Weapon

White Scar's 3rd Brotherhood

Kor'sarro Khan

Bike Squadron (9)
-Attack Bike w/ Multi Melta, Melta Guns x2, Power Weapon

Bike Squadron (9)
-Attack Bike w/ Multi Melta, Melta Guns x2, Power Weapon

Bike Squadron (9)
-Attack Bike w/ Multi Melta, Plasma Guns x2, Power Weapon

Land Speeder Squadron

Land Speeder Squadron

Devastator Squad (6)
-Lascannon, Power Weapon
-Razorback w/ Heavy Bolters

Scout Bike Squadron (3)
-Astartes Grenade Launcher

Mission & Table

The mission was take and secure with one objecive in each player's deployment zone. A large ruin of 3 columns was in the very middle of the table with barricades and ruined building edges filling the center of the field with a smaller building to either side in the middle. Both deployment zones then had two buildings in their deployment zones. On the Space Wolves left flank the building was declared the objective and the White Scars objective was the building directly opposite the SW Objective.


I was going to take pics but my camera ran out of batteries before I could take any, blasted thing. The Space Wolves deployed first, the Long Fangs, Battle Leader and one of the Grey Hunter units going into the objective building on the left, one Blood Claw unit with the Wolf Priest in the middle behind a ruined building edge and the other Grey Hunter and Blood Claws unit in the building on he right flank with the Wolf Lord.

The White Scars placed the Razorback and Land Speeders behind their objective building with the three bike squads spread out one on either side and one in the middle with the Scout Bikers on the right.

Turn 1

Space Wolves
-I went first and just kept everyone where they were. The Long Fangs brought down one Bike from the far left squadron but that was it.

White Scars
-The Bike Squadrons all moved forward the rightmost squad into the ruins on the their side of the board in the middle. Shooting saw four Grey Hunters in the right flank building go down and one Grey Hunter from the objective bulding, I rolled a lot of 1's and 2's and so far the Grey Hunters were not setting a very good example for the Blood Claws. The Land Speeders moved up the left flank and the Razorback moved around the building to take pot shots at the Long Fangs but to no avail.

Turn 2

Space Wolves
-Shooting was better this time with several bikes dropping in each squad, the Space Wolves bidded their time waiting for the White Scars to stray too close.

White Scars
-The White Scars angled left towards the SW objective and unleashed a torrent of fire that was not too bad considering. 5 Blood Claws from the middle unit dropped despite the Wolf Priest's healing potions and balms and the Land Speeders unleashed more fire on the Long Fangs but again they all stubbornly refused to fail an armor save.

Turn 3

Space Wolves
-Now the Space Wolves moved, with both Grey Hunter and Blood Claw Packs rushing forward, unleashing a torrent of small arms fire and then charging into combat, the brutal meleas were devastating to the White Scars but the Long Fangs didn't miss out on the fun either destroying two of the Land Speeders and stunning the third. The Close Combats saw the left Biker unit with Kor'sarro dropped to one Biker and Kor'sarro took a wound from Battle Leader Frostmourn but the heroic Wolf Guard was wounded once in return, the White Scars fell back from the fight and fled back towards their objective building. The middle squad was wiped out to a man and the right dropped to just two bikes but they stayed in combat. The battle was effectively over but the White Scars player showed honor and continued to fight.

White Scars

The Razorback moved forward and dropped off it's cargo into the ruined bulding on the left where the Devs with Bolters promptly opened fire on the nearby Grey Hunters dropping three with the combined efforts of the rallied Kor'sarro and biker and the Scout Bikes that moved left to join them but the Grey Hunters stood their ground. The Land Speeder decided to hide though. In combat the last two bikes of the rightmost unit were wiped out and the Blood Claws consolidated west.

Turn 4

Space Wolves
-The enemy was battered but not yet broken so the Space Wolves rallied for the last push. The Left Blood Claws with the flamer moved towards the White Scars Scout Bikers, flamed and assaulted them slaughtering the unit. The Long Fangs stunned the Land Speeder again and immobolised the Razorback as well as stunning it. The Left Grey Hunters assaulted the Devastators and wiped them out while the right Grey Hunters and Blood Claws continued left to resecure the Space Wolf objective.

White Scars
-Kor'sarro and the lone biker charged the Blood Claws, Kor'sarro inflicted a wound on the Wolf Priest and the Biker Sergeant inflicted another but Greimund gritted his teeth and fought back wounding Kor'sarro again before he was finished off by the Wolf Guard Pack Leader while the Blood Claws dragged the White Scar Sergeant from his saddle and beat him down. The Blood Claws then consolidated north and reached the objective building. Finally the White Scars player conceded the battle with nothing left but a stunned speeder and an immobolised Razorback.


Space Wolves: 2
White Scars: 0

"Finish it," Kor'sarro said as he slowly picked himself up from the ground, blood leaking from over a dozen rents in his armor.

Wolf Priest Greimund and Wolf Guard Battle Leader Frostmourn stood back, both had faced the legendary White Scars Khan in combat and had suffered as grevious wounds as they had given out but neither wished to deliver the killing blow.

"No," said a voice from behind the Wolves. Wolf Lord Stormblade walked past his lieutenants to stand before the defeated Khan. "Enough blood has been shed his day over the head of a traitor, how pointless."

"The honor of the White Scars is not pointless," Kor'sarro said venemously. "If you knew what that traitor was responsible for..."

"I know a great deal of what he did," Silvar cut in. "Not least of which aiding Huron Blackheart in capturing the Space Wolves Strike Cruiser the Wolf of Fenris, a crime for which the Red Corsairs will pay, perhaps if you had not come to my camp and demanded a trophy of the Wolves we could have worked something out."

Silvar took the head of Sclethor from a bag at his waist and tossed it to the ground at Kor'sarro's feet.

"I will not keep a trophy that has caused the needless shedding of Astartes blood, take it to your homeworld and tell of what happened here so that in future the White Scars might take the time to come to a peacefull arrangement with their brother astartes," Silvar said turning on his heal and walking away without a backward glance.

"Wait wolf," Kor'sarro said stopping Silvar in his tracks. "I was wrong to confront the noble Wolves of Fenris, your honor shames me and I am in your debt."

Wolf Lord Stormblade turned to look at the White Scars Khan and walked back to face him. Smoothly Silvar reached up and unclasped his great horned helm removing it to look he Khan eye to eye. "Return home and tend to your wounded, one day I will call in your debt and give the White Scars he chance to redeem themselves, you can count on it."

With that the Space Wolves turned and left, leaving the White Scars to gather their wounded and dead. Kor'sarro looked down at he head at his feet, this would be one return to Chogoris that would be without celebration.

Personal Thoughts

The White Scars fought valiantly but mistakenly drifted too close to the Space Wolf lines and allowed themselves to be caught in a hopeless combat that saw the whole army wiped out in two turns and the Space Wolves secured both objectives comfortably. The player was on his third game with the White Scars and was still learning the ropes so hopefully next time will put up a tougher fight. In the meantime It's time to sit back, pop open a cold one and rejoice in victory!

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Default Re: [BatRep] Shaken Brotherhood, 1740pt Space Wolves vs White Scars

A good battle then, have an ale ;D

Looks like the scars are no match for the wolves of fenris

I bet I have more hobbies than you do.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Shaken Brotherhood, 1740pt Space Wolves vs White Scars

I really enjoyed that one. Liked the background story too, since the two chapters shouldn't be facing off against each other. What a waste of life over ego. I couldn't believe the white scars player miscalculated your charge range. He should have been the one dictating movement no you. Good job taking advantage of his mistakes.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Shaken Brotherhood, 1740pt Space Wolves vs White Scars

Originally Posted by Wingates_Hellsing
A good battle then, have an ale ;D

Looks like the scars are no match for the wolves of fenris
Not now, though I'd love to play a 2 vs 2 allied with his Wolves, he's been playing them a lot longer than I have.

Originally Posted by Scoutfox
I really enjoyed that one. Liked the background story too, since the two chapters shouldn't be facing off against each other. What a waste of life over ego. I couldn't believe the white scars player miscalculated your charge range. He should have been the one dictating movement no you. Good job taking advantage of his mistakes.
Normally when running a horde I would have rushed the enemy army, but against the incredible mobility of the White Scars I knew doing that would be folly as it would give him the perfect opportunity to circle me and whittle the Wolves down, plus with the objectives having mobile Troops limited his ability to defend his objective so he had to take mine. It was important to find a way to force him to get close and attack me rather than trying to chase his bikes all around the board and I'm just glad he made a crucial mistake before I did.

It didn't hurt that I made carefull note of the distances between objects after seeing them measured for weapon firing purposes, what I was really shocked by was that I managed to catch all three of his Bike Squadrons in combat on the same turn, I was expecting maybe one to stray too close, not all 3 I was really surprised when he did that. According to him his plan was to make it look like he was rushing my entire line and after a turn or two would turbo charge his bikes to the other flank and hit the objective hard with everything in an attempt to keep me from moving the rest of my army to support the objective building, he just strayed too close when he started to redeploy towards the objective building.

I'm sure he won't make the same mistake twice though. ;D

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