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1500 point tourniment list
Old 21 Feb 2009, 08:10   #1 (permalink)
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Default 1500 point tourniment list

i have a tourniment coming up and i want to know if this is a good list?
c&c welcome
chapter master:125
lightning claw,15
plasma pistol,15


power axe,15

assault cannon,10

tactical squad:90
additional marine x5,80
plasma gun,10
heavy bolter,0
power fist,25

tactical squad:90
additional marine x5
rocket launcher,0
power sword,15

tactical squad:90
additional marine x1
RAZORBACK with heavy bolter:45
fast attack
land speeder:50
heavy bolter,10

land raider:250

Originally Posted by USAFTACP
You just laugh a lot at the other Tau player and eventually he will leave.
(three plus power armor will block all your shots but can i get over 1" of dangerous terrain...oops i rolled a one)

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. cough cough anyone got a coughdrop?

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Default Re: 1500 point tourniment list

I don't understand the point of the chaplain and Land Raider when you have no close combat infantry in your list. Likewise, techmarines at least give the techmarine a bike so that he can reach what he is supposed to fix. Lastly, space marine lists shouldn't have more than 5 spare points, as there is always someone that can buy melta bombs or a combat shield. The razorback with a heavy bolter is only 40 points, and I don't think the forum rules permit you to post the point costs of unit upgrades.

In my opinion your list doesn't have much shooting or close combat capabilities.
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