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[BatRep] with pics, panzer brigade (DIY marines) at 2k
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Default [BatRep] with pics, panzer brigade (DIY marines) at 2k

I usually get several games in on saturdays
i did a gothic game and 3 40K battles-the following 2 i took some pics of.

I like to do a quick over-view and show you pretty pictures so here goes.

my army-the panzer brigade(with DW dreads sitting in as ironclads until the models are released).

Game 1
marines VS nids

His list had 3 fex's, a flyrant, 4 squads of gaunts, 2 squads of steelers, brood lord and some warriors.

Panzer brigade wins first turn.

Turn 1
The nids pike into one corner, i attempted to hold them there via drop pod assaulting ironclads and some long ranged weapons fire.

There isn't really much to tell in this game it was a slow march up the table for the nids as i threw ironclads, venerable dreads, assault and tac marines in their way to slow them down and contest objectives.

It was a blocking action as i tried to hold the far objectives. it almost had worked, but the game continued to turn 7 allowing the nids to finally get to me. turn 5 was a loss, turn 6 it would have been a draw, by turn 7 i only had 1 venerable dread left on the table.

I suppose i should be happy this list only had 4 monstrous creatures instead of the 8 i am used to seeing in most nid armies.

MVP gos to the scouts who beat back gene steelers and gargoyles until a broodlord finally had to come over and deal with them.

Game 2
points- 2,000
objectives-kill points
marines VS (mech) eldar

He had 2 serpents with lance, a falcon, prism, fire dragons, warp spiders, 2 squads of avengers, eldrad(what eldar player doesn't take him), 2 pathfinder squads, viper and a squad of bikes.

Game 2 was a little more hard pressed

I forgot to drop pod assault my ironclads, but in the end it worked ok since it allowed him to move into the open. . turn 1 saw alot of ineffective shooting between our scout snipers dreads and tanks(massive cover save time)

My assault squad survived shooting long enough to flame a unit of pathfinders (being dutifully proxied by my own DW terminators) out of existence. as payback he bladestormed the last 2 guys with a full dire avenger squad. :wtf:

Much of my fire went into ripping guns off or stunning his tanks. he did manage to take out a couple ironclads early on.....but he repeatable failed to kill my drop pods...even with fire dragons.

I eventually returned the favor by taking out the fire dragons and making the dire avengers run for cover(not wise to park next to a couple deathwing launchers when your huddled in a big group).

His bike exarch with that S9 shining spear was doing a number on my dreads. i managed to finally hold them and wear them down with a couple venerable dreads, but lost one in the process.

His prism lost it's cannon so he tried to ram me resulting in a stunned result on one venerable dread.

At this point we were witting at 4 each in KP. the game continued into turn 6

Turn 6
This saw me pour fire into his last gun able serpent and finally down it but not destroy it. his spiders took more deathwind hits and broke. but they managed to rally.

My tac marines and scouts were all hold up in the fortified ruins as such he kept firing at the marines. it was a slow process with me loosing one or 2 per turn.

Somehow at the end of 6 i was one KP ahead, but the game continued and he managed to reverse it by finally killing another drop pod and an ironclad.
in the end it was a 6 to 5 KP margin in his favor.
he never did get the marines, even with blade storming them at the very end. the Sgt was the lone survivor of the tac marine squad. 4 fell to snipe fire and 5 to bladestorm.

The game could have gone either way up till the very end, which IMHO makes for a very interesting game.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: [BatRep] with pics, panzer brigade (DIY marines) at 2k

Nice report, +1 Karma.

Though this belongs in the Army Lists and Battle Reports board.

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Default Re: [BatRep] with pics, panzer brigade (DIY marines) at 2k

Great Report!
The pictures are great!

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Default Re: [BatRep] with pics, panzer brigade (DIY marines) at 2k

Nice army, great Batreps, and well played! Well done! ;D

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