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Getting back into the game... 2000pt Crimson Fist Army
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Default Getting back into the game... 2000pt Crimson Fist Army

Hello everyone. After taking a relatively long break from gaming, I've decided to get back into with a new army list. After finding that my CC marine army is no longer valid under the 5th ed. codex, I decided to try out a more shooty army list instead of switching to Blood Angels or another CC chapter. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

HQ 175pts
Pedro Kantor

Pedro Kantor will accompany the 9 man Sternguard squad to provide extra firepower and a bit of CC ability

Elites 670pts
8 Sternguards
1 Sergeant

This squad and Dorn will take the Land Raider Crusader

4 Sternguards, 2w/ Meltas, 2w/ combi-meltas
1 Sergeant w/ combi-melta
Drop pod

This squad has several possible uses. First, as an ultimate tank killing and possible suicide squad. Secondly, as a deep striking unit that can claim or contest objectives at the last minute. Also, the drop pod can be used to block line of sight if necessary.

9 Sternguards
1 Sergeant

Just a general unit. Rides in the Land Raider.

Troops 460pts
9 Space Marines, 1w/ Lascannon
1 Sergeant
Razorback w/ TL Lascannons

This squad will be split into combat squads. The two squads will probably hang back with the Whirlwind.

2x 4 Scouts w/ Bolt Pistol, CCW
1 Sergeant w/ Powerfist, Bolt Pistol, meltabombs

These CC scouts are used as quick response to a firebase or vehicle threat.

Fast Attack 100pts
2x Land Speeder Storm w/ Heavy Bolter

The Land Speeders will hang out behind the Land Raiders, protecting them from pesky deepstriking obliterators in the rear. When needed, they'll dart out with their CC scouts to distract and hopefully destroy vulnerable firesupport squads and vehicles.

Heavy Support 595pts
Land Raider

Land Raider Crusader


Basically an anti-horde weapon.

Okay, so what does everyone think? My main opponents are CSM, Orks and Necrons.

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Default Re: Getting back into the game... 2000pt Crimson Fist Army

Dont forget in the dying turns you can load up the storms with thier scout squad and snatch or contest an objective.
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