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2000pts Competative all Comers
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Default 2000pts Competative all Comers

Yo guys. Long time since i posted a list. But my entering a tourni made me realise the the list i was running on vassal is very diffferent to the models currently own. So here goes... Please feel free to comment on this...

Librarian – Epistolary (Gate of infinity, Smite), Terminator Armour, Storm Shield = 190

Tactical squad – Plasma gun, Combi plasma, Missile Launcher = 190
Tactical squad – Plasma gun, Combi plasma, Missile Launcher = 190
Tactical squad – Plasma gun, Combi plasma, Missile Launcher = 190

Scout Squad – All Snipers, Camo Cloaks, Scout sergeant Telion = 140
Scout squad – Close combat weapons, power fist, Teleport homer = 115
Scout Squad –All Snipers. =75

Stern guard Veteran Squad- 3 Additional veterans =200
Dreadnaught-Drop Pod=140
Dreadnaught –Drop Pod=140

Land speeder Storm – Multi Melta = 65

Vindicator – Brother sergeant Chronus, Siege Shield = 195
Devastator Squad – 3 missile launchers, Multi Melta, 3 Additional Marines = 168

Total 1998pts
Sorry if my posts are messy or unreadable. My keyboard is naff!
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