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1250 Last Man Standing Army
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Default 1250 Last Man Standing Army

I am entering a tounry soon that is a last man standing match. 4 players per board, 4 boards, winner of each board takes their remaining living models to the final match, and last man standing wins. I have min-maxed a space marine army, any ideas how i can make it more survive-able?

Captain (base) - 100pts

Tact 1 - 185pts
(1 marine w/ lascannon)

Tact 2 - 185pts
(1 marine w/ lascannon)

Tact 3 - 185pts
(1 marine w/ lascannon)

Tact 4 - 175pts
(1 marine w/ meltagun)

Tact 5 - 170pts
(1 marine w/ multi melta)

Sternguard (250)
(10 marines)


All ideas welcome...
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Default Re: 1250 Last Man Standing Army

1 dread to help youre squad riding of annoying oponents
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Default Re: 1250 Last Man Standing Army

Wait those are 5 man tactical squads right? In my opinion thats a pretty good choice, more marines the better in my opinion. I personily like Heavy Bolters and I would include more if I were you. There will most likely be an IG player with a bunch of ordnance and conscripts (thats what I would do, if I had IG).
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