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2,500 point Dark Angels Deathwing List for sunday the 8th of Feb
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Default 2,500 point Dark Angels Deathwing List for sunday the 8th of Feb

Hi guys i have realised recently that i don't like some of hte DA rules so i have come to the conclusion to split my army up and make a dedicated DA army whilst i start a vanilla sm army so i can use my SM rules book (and all the nice things in it)

The Dark angels army is as follows:


Belial - Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield

Chaplain - Terminator armour


Company veteran Squad - 10 man, power fist, 2 power weapons, melta gun, 6 bolt pistols and ccw's
(mounted in Rhino with extra armour)

Vernable Dreadnaught - Multi melta, extra armour, Hunter killer missile
(mounted in drop pod)


Belials deathwing - 3 pair lightning claws, 2 thunder hammers and storm shields, Company banner

Deathwing Terminator Squad - assault cannon

Deathwing Terminator Squad - assault cannon

Deathwing Terminator Squad - 3 thunder hammers and storm shields, 2 pair lightning claws


Ravenwing attack squadron - 6 bikes, 2 flamers, power weapon


Landraider Crusader - Extra armour

Landraider - Extra armour

Vindicator - Extra armour

So tell me what ya think, i am versing an imp player with 2,500 points and another DA player possibly with 2,500 points, i will have a tau player on my side with a pretty thought out army with lots of rail guns and sm killing units. My biggest problem will be the baneblade/warhound titan the imp player will bring (don't know which one he will bring along yet)

Made By Kais, Offical Siggy Maker

Black Templar 5200 points

Orks & Goblin 2300 points points

Tyranids, 60 points

wood elves, 2000 points

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Default Re: 2,500 point Dark Angels Deathwing List for sunday the 8th of Feb

my 2 cents

Belial works best in a group of termies with lightning claws. Like this

Belial, Lightning Claws
130 pts
Deathwing Terminator Squad, Aster
x4 Lightning Claws
x1 Apothecary with Assault Cannon
Deathwing Company Banner
300 pts

The amount of attacks unleashed on the charge is amazing.

Each termie gets 2 normal attacks, 1 extra for having 2 lightning claws, 1 extra for the banner and 1 for the charge. Thats 5 attacks each on the charge and Belial gets 1 more.

so 4 x 5 = 20 plus 1 x 6 = 26 Lightning claw attacks and also don't forget the Apothecarys powerfist as well.

It really is the business.
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