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2k space wolves
Old 30 Jan 2009, 07:49   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default 2k space wolves

First shot at putting together a space wolf list.

Let me know what you think.

166 Wolf Lord (joins bodyguard)
Wolves x3
Terminator armour, thunderhammer, storm shield

111 Wolfguad Battle Leader (joins bodyguard)
Wolves x3
storm bolter, storm shield

82 Rune Priest (for storm caller on the bloodclaws)

372 Wolfguard Bodyguards x9
Terminator armour
Stormshield & Storm bolter
Cyclone missile launcher

372 Wolfguard Bodyguards x9
Terminator armour
Stormshield & Storm bolter
Meltabombs x2
Assault Cannon

104 WolfScouts x6
Sniper Rifles x2
Melta-gun x1

206 Blood Claws x13
Power Weapons x3

118 Grey Hunters x6
Replaced pistol with bolter
Meltagun x1

160 Long Fangs x4
Missile Launcher x2
Heavy Bolter x2

195 Leman Russ
Las Cannon

114 Bike Squad x3
Power Weapon x2
Melta-gun x1

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Default Re: 2k space wolves

Firstly, please remove the individual points costs, only post the total cost of each unit, posting the individual costs of warger and what not is against GW IP and could get Tau Online into trouble.

That said I don't get some of your choices.

What's with the Storm Shield and Storm Bolter Combo? Yea you get the save but a Storm Bolter is not a great combo with a Storm Shield, you'd be better off getting something with more punch like Power Fists at the very least.

Also Sniper Rifles and a Melta mixed in the Wolf Scouts doesn't make a lot of sense, keep em Cheap, with a Melta and a couple Plasma Pistols and use OBEL to have them take out any tanks your opponent has.


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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 54
Default Re: 2k space wolves

I was thinking that I play Demons alot and Storm bolters were better than bolters.

The scouts I wanted with the sniper rifle and MM to be able to be effective at whatever was available for them to shoot at, but I see your logic on keeping them cheap.

I am really really new at looking into space wolves, I was thinking of breaking out my wolf guard squads one with the Storm combo and one with melee weapons and have them just rock their individual roles instead of being identical.

I'll play a few games with them and then post up some revisions or something later when I have a better feel for them.

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