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1750 Salamanders
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Default 1750 Salamanders

Here's a 1750 Salamander list I've been working towards in the last few weeks.
Basically just a small improvement from my 1500 (added a LRR) and that has gone fairly well when I've used it.


Captain: 115 Points
- Boltgun
- Power Sword


Dreadnought: 105 Points


Tactical Squad: 220 Points
- 7 Marines with Bolters
- Marine with Flamer
- Marine with Heavy Bolter
- Sergeant with Power Weapon
- Razorback

Tactical Squad: 220 Points
- 7 Marines with Bolters
- Marine with Plasma Gun
- Marine with Plasma Cannon
- Sergeant with Chainsword
- Rhino

Tactical Squad: 200 Points
- 7 Marines with Bolters
- Marine with Meltagun
- Marine with Multi-Melta
- Sergeant with Power Fist

Fast Attack

Assault Marines: 220 Points
- 7 Marines with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword
- 2 Marines with Plasma Pistols
- Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

Land Speeder Squadron: 50 Points

Attack Bike Squad: 50 Points
- Multi-Melta

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad: 230 Points
- 5 Marines with Bolters
- 4 Marines with Heavy Bolters
- Sergeant with Chainsword

Predator: 85 Points
- Autocannon
- Heavy Bolters

Land Raider Redeemer: 250 Points
- Multi-Melta

Total: 1500 Points

I know it doesn't have He'stan, but I don't think that those should be the Combat Tactics for Salamanders. It really makes them far too powerful, re-rolling everything.

C&C Please.

Salamanders: 8 Wins, 5 Draws, 9 Losses
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Default Re: 1750 Salamanders


Dreadnought: 105 Points
What does he have? Just the basic set-up?

The power-fist would go farther on your captain. He has more attacks and higher WS (right? yeah, of course). I'm guessing he roles in the redeemer with the rhino-less tactical squad? If there job is to assault, they may want to take a flamer instead of the melta-gun.

And I'd really take He'Stant. He's strong, but so is whatever your opponent has.
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