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750 point list needs a critique
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Default 750 point list needs a critique

So I'm going to be playing against my friend's Eldar army tonight and this will be my first game at this point value. Feel free to tear this to shreads as this is only my third game ever and I need all the help I can get. The idea with this list is to be as fast as I can be at this points level (I play Raven Guard) and have at least 3 units capable of holding objectives for me.

Chaplain with Power Fist 115 pts

Scouts x10 with Shotguns and a Heavy Bolter 150 pts
Tactical Squad x10 with Flamer, Multi-Melta 170 pts
Tactical Squad x10 with Flamer, Multi-Melta 170 pts

Dreadnought with Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter 110 pts

Rhino 35 pts

For 750 pts total.

Note that every time I've played against my friend, he has fielded Dark Reapers, and last time he fielded Howling Banshees as well. So, does anyone have any ideas on what can be done to make this list better?
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Default Re: 750 point list needs a critique

well a few things just to start off with, A) I wouldn't advise putting a power-fist on your chaplain because it wastes his great initiative and it gives the enemy a chance to kill a 125 point model without you even scratching them.

Secondly, I'm not sure how much AT your opponent brings but a dred and a rhino will both probably go down fairly quickly, I would advise either 1) taking a rhino for each tac squad or 2) don't take rhinos... I would also say that it might be a good idea to try out a vindicator in place of the rhino just to see how you like it.

Lastly the flamer/MM combo on the tac squads would lead me to beleive your combat squadding them, is this true? A flamer is a horde weapon and the MM is an AT weapon this opposite roles give the squad flexibility but are contradictory, still it is nice to have that flexibility at the low points value so try it out (the flamers free anyway :P)

Hope that helps, and good luck,
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Default Re: 750 point list needs a critique

Why not just go with the free missile launcher? It's good AT as well as hoard killer. The extra points could be usefull...some where.
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