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Blood Angels 800pt List
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Default Blood Angels 800pt List

I am working on a Blood Angels list for a 40k league, starting at 800pts, then it goes up to 1100, 1400, 1700, and 2000 over the next few months adding more units and what not. But once you've added models to the army, you can drop/replace them for the next point increase. here is the list(s) i am running for the league so far.


Chaplain (base) -100pts

Assault 1 (5 men, serg w/ p fist) - 165pts

Assault 2 (5 men, serg w/ p fist) - 165pts

Tactical (5 men, marine w/ flamer) - 120pts

Rhino (for the Death Company & Chaplain) - 40pts

3 Attack Bikes (2 H. bolters, 1 M. melta) - 150pts

5 Death Company - 60pts


I am adding

Predator (autocannon, H. bolter sponsers) - 95pts

Devastator (5 men, 2 lascannons, 1 missile launcher, and 1 multi melta) - 220pts

Comments and suggestions please. I will add the 1400, 1700 and 2000 point armies soon
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Default Re: Blood Angels 800pt List

Wrong section, I'll flag for a Mod to move it.

EDIT: It's been moved.

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Default Re: Blood Angels 800pt List

Well, it's not bad. It'll be a decent enough list for most games, but there are a few ways to kick it into overdrive. First, I would combine 2 of the assault squads into one. This will save you points, and it will keep your units from being picked off one by one (5 marines are not hard to kill, while 10 takes a significantly greater amount of force). Next, with the points you've saved, I would give the Death Company Jump Packs. Then drop the Rhino, since you'll have to buy an additional Death Company model, and buy a Jump Pack for the Chaplain so that he can keep up with the Company. I find that Rhinos are too unreliable for important units, especially since it's the only armour you have in your 800 point army. It'll just get blown to bits if your opponent has Anti-tank weapons with nothing else to do.

Next up, those attack bikes seem like a point sink to me. Honestly, I'd drop those and go with regular bikes (this will push the strength of your army into the assault phase instead of being split between assault and shooting), and try to use leftover points to bulk up the small Tactical squad you have. Your list would look like...

Chaplain (jump pack) -120pts

Assault (10 men) - 250pts

Tactical (10 men, marine w/ flamer) - 195pts

3 Bikes (biker w/ meltagun) - 120pts

5 Death Company (Jump Packs) - 115pts

This puts you at 800 on the nose, and sets you up for a nasty assault-based army with plenty of anti-tank firepower, and theoretically more scoring units (if you use Combat Squads). Everything but your tactical squad is capable of rapidly closing with the enemy (and killing it once there), and the Tactical squad can be used to defend objectives, or move across the table to take undefended objectives once your Assault troops have moved on. Of course, it's all up to you, this is just what I'd do.
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