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Battle report Patrol 400 points
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Default Battle report Patrol 400 points

This is my first battle report and I did not have a camera there to take pictures of the board or the units. Basically a new game shop in my area is trying to get people to play 40k so they decided to have a small games of 40k of around 400 points. Below Are the lists of my army and the peoples I played.

Well here is my list
Tactical squad Marines x4
Sargent x1 Power fist/storm bolter
Razor back Twin linked las

Tactical squad marines x4
Sargent x1 power fist/storm bolter

Land Speeder x1
heavy bolter
assault cannon
( we were allowed to be 5 points over on our lists)

I faced off against Sisters of battle

8 sisters of battle
some kind of priest guy with them

1 immolater
1 pentenate engine

The mission we were playing was Annihilate, the board had 2 forests in the middle and hills on the left side of the board all cover gave 4+ cover save. (I'm trying to use paint to give a basic lay out of the battle field I really sorry how bad it looks)

Well any way here goes with some fluff for it and the report.
Planetary data on the world of Medusa VII

Medusa VII was a Feral world on the fringes of the Imperium space. The worlds atmosphere was very dense humid atmosphere. Majority of the planet was covered in thick marshes, that were filled with wild beasts. On this planet we find a patrol of the Imperium's finest soldiers the space marines from the chapter of Blood Raven. They scout patrol was mucking through this dense swamp on the order from there chapter mastery to find Relics from there chapters past.

the sisters of battle started in terrain in the back left hand hill. The pentinent engine and immolater charged forward. I deployed a combat squad of Marines on the hill towards the bottom with my marines, and a razor back to the right of the hill along with the land speeder.

Turn 1
The sisters won the roll and deployed first, sisters of battle deployed onto the hill in the far left hand corner. The Immolater and penitent engine came charging forward from there positions towards the combat squad of marines on the hill. On my turn I kept the space marines on the hill, I flew the space marine up the left hand side of the board and shot the assault cannon killing 2 sisters. the razor back moved 6" and fired the laz cannons, Pen hit however I rolled and 1 and nothing .

Turn 2 Sisters

The sisters of battle squad sit back in the cover of the hill and do nothing. Mean while the Immolater cause rushing forward towards the land speeder and was able to blow it up with to good flame shots. the Penitent engine moved 6" towards the razor back and it's hatred roll was a inch so it still could not reach it.
Turn 2 Space marines
I move the Razor back 6 inch's away and fire the las cannons at the engine again. Pen hit however i roll a 1 again and nothing happens. I moved the space marines off to the back of the hill hoping to avoid the immolater.
Turn 3 Sisters
Penitent engine moves 6" towards the razorback and gets a great hatred roll of 6 and assaults the razor back It gets 2 pen hits and takes off the laz cannon . the immolater fires killing 2 space marines.
turn 3 Space marines
I eject the space marines from the razorback and assault the penitent engine. I get two hits and manage to get two glancing blows of armament destroyed and it becomes wreckage. The other marine squad turns to go around the side of the hill to assault the immolater. I get 1 glancing blow cause of the power fist however it's just crew shaken(the one were they cant move).
turn 4 sisters
The sisters of battle being to move from cover towards the space marines that just took out the penitent Engine. The Immolater turns it's flamers and manages to get all 3 remaining space marines (i failed all saves)
turn 4 space marines
I load into the razorback again move 12 inches towards the immolater and ended my turn.
turn 5 sisters
The immolater fired at the razor back however nothing happened. The sisters moved 6" towards my marines and then ran another 6.
Turn 5 space marines
I ejected the marines from the razor back, and had them assault the immolater. This time the power fist was able to cause 1 pen hit and caused the immolater to explode taking with it 2 marines.
turn 6 sisters
the sisters of battle made there way to the space marines and were able to shoot them down. With just a busted razor back left I conceded the game. Overall had a really fun time I really enjoy this format. I apologize if my battle report is not very good I tried my best any tips for future reports would be greatly appreciated also I plan on taking pictures next time

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