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Looking for a 1500-2000 point Dark Angels army.
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Default Looking for a 1500-2000 point Dark Angels army.


I have just had xmas,And i got assault on black reach aswell as the Ravenwing battleforce. I got some other objects. Could someone over look the list i have created,Any make any changes etc Much help would appreiciated. I will be playing Capture and control and last man standing.
Oppenents are : Space wolves and Imperial gaurd.

Company Masterx2
Plasma Pistol and power sword./shield 130

Deathwing Termie sqaud 250
Assault Cannonx1
Chain fistx1

Dreadnought 140
Extra amour

Company Veterans 145
Plasma pistolx1
Combat shield x1
Power sword x1
Melta bombx2

Tatical Sqaud 190
Plasma pistolx1
Melta bombx1

Ravenwing attack sqaudron.
+3 bikes
Land speeder with assault cannon. 425
2 attack Bikes with multi-meltas
Sergeant with power weapon

I need 2000 points.Gonna buy Rhino to add to 1500. What can i get for 500. Please respond
Happy new year
With just Altheran I destroyed 20 clan rats with spears, 8 clan rats and warlord Skreet Verminkin and Ratchitt on his own.

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